Secret Shame Share Video for Pure

Last summer, Secret Shame dropped this incredible 7″ (I think mine’s still in the mail!), but times as they are, the band have just uploaded a brand new video to accompany the incredible B-side, “Pure.” Personally, this was one of my favorite tunes of last year, drifting through the world in this casually darkened cool. In their video, you get performance video, seen through the eye of a band willing to balance their personality with visual elements that match the song’s thematic vibes. There are still a few copies of the 7″ floating about, and we’ve been promised there’s new music on the horizon!

The Sour Notes Share B-Side from New 7″

All year long, the Sour Notes have slowly been releasing 7″ after 7″, and we’re really excited to share with you the B-Side from the latest Shoulda/Enough 7″. This song gives a glimpse into the band’s process, and their desire to do multiple 7″s in a year. it came to be after the band switched gears and changed directions on another B-Side, ultimately sticking with this track as it touches on the concept of pursuing your art despite the uncontrollable factors that sit in your way. Musically, I feel like the band are in a great place, especially when lining things up with my tastes; Jared’s voice sounds really solid hanging in the midst of those huge guitar sounds. This is guitar pop at its finest!

The band celebrate the release of this new 7″ with Thelma & the Sleaze, Royal Forest, The Black Drumsetand Fanclub on Friday over at Cheer Up Charlies. Event info HERE.

Spinning Coin Share B-Side

I wish more people wrote tracks like Spinning Coin; they have this knack of tying their songs into things I adore about music. There’s this stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery, offering commentary on one’s desire for a momentary drop out of the world that never quite comes to fruition. Musically, they’ve got it all. The opening 20 seconds or so of guitar sound just feel like home; it’s not quite jangle but definitely in my wheelhouse. They go on to combine vocals, not quite harmonizing but supporting one another…all dreamily drawing out the song’s chorus. Plus, they even step on the pedal to offer some fuzzy riffs later on in the tune, always returning to their poppier craft. So damn good. This is the B-side to their new 7″ for Domino, out August 30th.

The Black Watch Share B-Side

One thing you can be assured of in life is that we’re never too far away from a release from the Black Watch; they never seem to lose steam behind the songwriting of John Andrew Fredrick, and we’re all better for it. They’ve just announced a new 7″ with a fresh B-Side that I wanted to share with you, as its filled with these perfect little pop moments you won’t wanna miss out on. In the first minute, you get an introduction to the band, of sorts; John’s voice hangs heavy and deep, working behind a driving rhythm section that’s pushing the track forward…but a good ear will hear the tonal switch right at 1:08, giving rise to the band’s pop sensibility. Down the road, there’s this heavy jam of sorts, bringing in some psychedelia albeit briefly. Then at 2:06 the vocal delivery seems almost hurried, more urgent…right before dropping into that nice pop turn we alluded to earlier. Find me a better tune, I dare ya! You can order the 7″ now from Hypnotic Bridge!

Parrot Dream Share B-Side

I was all about enjoying Light Goes, the debut LP from dreamy pop outfit, Parrot Dream. But, as is probably the case with almost every band you love, a few of the songs didn’t make it onto that LP, and they’re just now getting to see the light of day. This particular number, to me, seems like its a performance piece for Christina; her voice controls the entire mood, like an emotional tractor-beam for listeners. That’s not to say that the band don’t do great work behind her; they’re sharp and focused, but sure to stay clear. This B-Side appears with two other leftover tunes from the session that gave us Light Goes…which is available now via Good Eye Records.

Hear the Dead Leaf Echo B Side from Their Latest Single

deadleafechoDead Leaf Echo dropped a new single a few weeks back to announce their split tape with Did You Die, and now they’re letting us hear the b-side of their portion of the release. While the band’s often lumped into the shoegaze category, I like how this new tune relies more upon the group’s fascination with noisier soundscapes; you should be able to hear a NIN/Ministry nod in this track, especially in the way the vocals are recorded. The discordant noise screaming throughout definitely offers a different glimpse at a band that’s been one of our favorites for quite some time. The new split tape will be out via Moon Sound Records on November 4th.

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Listen to a Dead Stars B-Side

deadstarsLong have we supported Dead Stars. They’re one of those acts that consistently perfect the are of nostalgic college rock n’ roll. They’ve got huge distorted riffs, pulled back to reveal a steadying melody that always maintains a central roll in their songs. By bridging the two together, they bring you these huge hooks that fit perfectly into long drives with wind in your hair. I love the patience of this song, which features as the B-Side to their”Calm Punk” single. Have fun jamming out this tune really loudly. 

Fresh Tune from Alex G

agOne of the releases I really took a liking too this year was DSU, the latest LP from Alex G.  He’s been sort of an underground sensation, winning over fans across the globe with his really personal touch to his songwriting.  This track probably isn’t as new as I’d like, as it was recorded for DSU, though it didn’t make the final cut for the album.  Still, even in its brevity you can hear why Alex has become such a sensation in many circles.  If this is what you like, then be sure to go and collect all his work, including that great LP from earlier this year.

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Fear of Men Cover Ty Segall

fearI’m really not one for cover tunes, or for remixes either, but I really just love this version of Ty Segall‘s “Sleeper” done by Fear of Men, who I enjoy quite a bit as well.  Their spin isn’t too far off from Ty’s version, as they both hold tightly to a soft touch, but the vocals from these Brits really added a different perspective for listeners.  This tune comes off their new single “Tephra,” erving as the B-side.  The band has a slew of dates in Europe, though I’d love to see them make their way back over to the States soon.  For now, let’s just enjoy a nice cover.

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Noisy Number from Running

runningIf you’ve got a record label run by Ty Segall, the chances are that you’re going to get some noisier elements in there, right? That’s precisely the case with the new 7″ offering that he’s putting out with Running.  Here you’ll hear an opening that’s basically a screeching guitar line brooding over a darkened bass, while drums steadily pound away.  Eventually, vocals break in with a demonic shout from what seems like a hollow metallic cavern.  It’s an assault on your eardrums, especially when you arrive at the end where it breaks into what sounds like a disastrous emergency broadcast message.  I dig it, and if you’re like me, you can grab the 7″ from God Records on July 22nd.

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