Julia Sophie Shares Numb Single

When you first click on this Julie Sophie tune, you might be taken aback a bit. The tune operates from the get-go, as a bit of spoken word, something that forces your ears to adjust. Beneath the spoken words, you can begin to hear a bubbling bit of electronica, carefully building its tension. When it releases, the vocals are peeled back and the tune works in a thumping groove with sampled cymbal work, while the vocals crawl along in the background. It’s a nice little twisted tune, working between sedative spoken words and techno beats that should have Julie Sophie on your radar; her Forgive Too Slow LP will be out on July 26th via Ba Da Bing.

Or Best Offer Announce Debut LP

As we look back on the year, I realize that I started to seek out some stuff that went deeper into the realms of indie rock, digging down into the caverns of the stuff that truly feels left of the dial…like Or Best Offer. The Chicago outfit burrowed into their own space, crafting their own instruments out of used children’s toys and spare parts, allowing them to toy with our expectations. It’s interesting to me that the album’s title is Center, as that’s what Grace Schmidhauser provides here, a sort of pop gravitational pull allowing the noisy planets and moons to orbit and overlap and crash into one another, building this textured web of interstellar indie noise. It will be interesting to see how far they take it on their debut, which drops via Ba Da Bing on January 26th.

Nighttime Share When the Wind is Blowing Video

Ba Da Bing has been on quite a roll as of late, with their Heather Trost LP last year, and now the forthcoming Nighttime LP is shaping up to be another adventurous listen. There’s something spiritual in the way Eva Goodman’s voice comes across, taking on this otherworldly nature that seems to be resemble an omnipresent ghost guiding you through the song’s journey. That journey circles about a nice light strum, layered with additional guitar and textural to build on the ethereal psychedelia that encircles the listener’s head. Keeper is the Heart should definitely be an album on your radar come the end of January when it drops (1/20). Plus, there’s an added ATX connection, with the album’s artwork being done by former resident Sarah La Puerta.

Heather Trost Share the Debutante Single

I’m super appreciative of Heather Trost‘s craft at the moment; she’s taking some modern fads and pushing them to the edges of our expectations. Her latest single starts with a soft croon, which is rather run-of-the-mill, but then the song spins into the next realm. It takes on almost a circus-nature, lifting the playfulness all sort of arranged pieces that encircle that steady Trost vocal delivery. Sure, I still marvel at her voice every time I press play here, but still can’t help but be swept up by the song’s new energy; I feel like I’m watching a carnival congo line march by and suddenly I’ve latched onto the end, joining in the fun. Won’t you come with me? Heather’s new record, Desert Flowers, is out on November 12th via Ba Da Bing Records.

Heather Trost Shares the Devil Never Sleeps

When the first single from Heather Trost‘s forthcoming LP dropped, I found it a thought-provoking bit of baroque pop music. But, on the latest single, we find Trost visiting a little bit of a noisier realm…one that wouldn’t be far off from the work of Dummy or Stereolab. You press play and are almost instantly greeted with this squall of guitar noise feeding back atop a grumbling drum roll; it’s an adventure into the trance-inducing side of psychedelia. But, a little electronic blip begins to bubble up, soon joined by Heather’s voice draped atop, whispering to the listener through the fuzzy wall of sounds. The new LP, Devil Flowers, will be out on November 12th via Ba Da Bing.

Heather Trost Announces Desert Flowers

There’s something bewildering to me about this new Heather Trost track. Musically, it’s this sort of slow organ drawl that begins the track; it feels like the musical equivalent of walking in quick sand, slowly moving one foot at a time. But, there’s something about Heather’s voice when it enters the fray that seems to lift the track, carrying the listener on its back as you drift through the dense textures that continuously evolve. There’s something otherworldly, yet familiar, as if you’re watching your life unfold from outside your body, and this is the soundtrack. This track comes with the excellent news that Heather will release Desert Flowers via Ba Da Bing on November 12th.

Quivers Announce Golden Doubt

I was all in on Quivers when they dropped We’ll Go Riding on the Hearses, so of course I have high expectations for their forthcoming Golden Doubt LP! I’m sure they’ll hate hearing this but the first 2 minutes or this so sounds like classic Grant-led Go-Betweens, using a casual vocal pacing from Sam, and incredible backing harmonies from Holly and Bella…needless to say, I was slow-tapping my toes and enjoying myself. But, as a fan of 10-20 second moments of pop magic, the musical interlude around 1:40 was a nice additional touch, setting me up for the body-tingling pop eruption at 2:30! Group harmonizing never sounded so sweet, and the churning jangles and overall brightness guarantee we’ll all need a copy of the new album; it drops on June 11th via Bobo Integral/Spunk/BaDaBing!

Tiny Ruins Announce New Record

Tiny Ruins, the project of Hollie Fullbrook, is ready to share its third album, this time with Ba Da Bing as its home. The first single we get is, as we expected, pure excellence. Hollie’s voice rises up and down, changing registers, moving in and out, almost as if it was meant to haunt your ears. Perhaps that emotion stems from the details in the accompanying music, whether it be the work of the guitar, layered strings, or the percussive elements that bubble to the top of the mix. Fullbrook stars in the video, a lone figure walking through nature…a clip perfectly fit for this track. Olympic Girls will be out February 1st of 2019.

Katie Von Schleicher Drops B-Side

Just a bit ago, Katie Von Schleicher revealed she’d be following up Shitty Hits with a brand new 7″, and this week, the B-Side has been floating around the Interwebs. This track spends the first minute and a half highlighting Katie’s vocal performance, with atmosphere crafted out of a jazzy ride on the cymbal. Moving along, the song erupts with this beautifully longing guitar chord that snakes through the tune before fading away, only to be replaced by Von Schleicher’s voice yet again. She’s at the top of her game right now for sure; don’t miss on grabbing the new 7″ from Ba Da Bing on May 4th. Her tour also includes an Austin date on June 18th…for our local pals.

New Track from Katie Von Schleicher

Seems like only last year that Katie Von Schleicher released Shitty Hits…wait, that was last year! She’s back now with the announcement of a new 7″ coming your way in a few months. Opening with a crunchy guitar seemingly gets the listener on edge, before Katie comes in with her voice to soothe your ears. Beneath, there’s almost a steady, percussive stomp, allowing a platform for guitar chords to knife in and out behind Von Schleicher’s voice. And then, right after the 2 minute mark, you think you’ve got it all figured out, but her voice soars putting some finality to the gem of a tune. You can grab the new 7″ on May 4th via Ba Da Bing, and catch her next week at that whole SXSW thing!

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