Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.25 – 4.29)

There were some great new tunes last week, and I certainly can’t get enough of some of the LPs that dropped, which we pointed you towards on Friday. The Dehd track that hit last week is for sure one of their best of late, but I’m still really partial to jamming to that Guy Capecelatro III album. Some intriguing tunes from the likes of Maria Chiara Argiro, Team Play and Rose Mercie make a nice appearance in this weeks track-listing, plus there’s a bunch of other tunes to get you started on Monday morning.

Bart Davenport Shares Holograms Video

Bart Davenport‘s latest solo effort, Episodes, feels like an instant classic, covering vast musical territory with bewildering storytelling…such as the track “Holograms,” which gets a video treatment today. At times, the song’s rhythm section brings in this groovy glam stomp, with the emphasis on the boogie; that boogies leads into the more Southern inspired guitar grooves that noodle their way, battling for supremacy. Bart, as the video presents, is the song’s centerpiece, however; he carries the song with this mixture of velvety seduction and natural bravado; I personally love the cascading pitch when he exclaims “because I’m terrified.” If you haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with the new album, now’s as good a time as any to give it a listen; it’s also available via Tapete Records. Plus! If you’re in the great LA area, you have a chance to catch Bart live at the Permanent Records Roadhouse on May 19th with Earth Girl Helen Brown.


Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.17 – 1.20)

We got some great music last week, either in single form, or in album form, so we’re grateful for last week. We collected all the jams from last week and put them on your doorstep in this light little playlist. We start off with the great new Say Eyed Beatniks tune, which incidentally is not called Hysterial Roosters, but rather “Hysterical Rooters.” Plus, our friends in Good Looks announced an LP with our other friends, Keeled Scales, so double win there. And, there’s a few jams from great records from Artsick, Good Good Blood and Jana Horn, so sit back and enjoy the day. P.S…I thought I was clever bookending it with Bay Area hits.

Bart Davenport Announces Episodes

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a proper Bart Davenport record, and it feels like this year already deserves his craft. His songwriting has a very classic pop vibe, though there are these little touches that make him seem masterful and timeless. At times, you can hear little flirtations with the Beatles or the like, maybe even a touch of Beach Boys in the chorus to boot. But, in truth, I feel like he evades these trappings; his voice has its own intoxicating style that supersedes all the musical nods, leaving us with a pop song that we won’t soon forget. His new album Episodes is out March 25th via Tapete.

Bart Davenport Unleashes New Tune

bart_davenport-800x400There’s only a couple of weeks before we all get to hear the the new record from Bart Davenport, Physical World.  There’s so many things to love about this new track; it’s got this dreamy pop styling in the music and the lyrical focuses on Bart’s indifference towards amassing popularity and fame.  It’s like a late 80s crooner just jumped out and started wining us over, which definitely works to the artist’s advantage, as there aren’t too many other acts swinging with this style at the moment.  Don’t forget that if you dig what you hear, you can grab the tune and others on March 4th from Burger Records.


Download: Bart Davenport – Fuck Fame [MP3]

Catchy Gem from Bart Davenport

bartdavenportI missed out on posting about Bart Davenport‘s first single, but I just couldn’t skip out on this one.  It’s a pretty classy little pop gem, reminiscent of the old Kings of Convenience.  There’s a warm melody and a gentler vocal delivery that carefully swings its way atop the track’s jangling guitars.  You might call it a classic pop formula, but who cares when it sounds this good?  You can grab Bart’s Physical World LP when it’s released on March 4th via Burger Records. These are the sort of tunes that warm my soul.


Download: Bart Davenport – Dust In The Circuits [MP3]