Nice Track from Dive

This track surfaced towards the tail end of last week, and the more I listen to it, the harder it is not to fall head over heels in love with Dive.  The band recently signed on with Captured Tracks, who will release their album Oshin on June 26th.  There’s a similar bounce to the early work of Beach Fossils (no surprise since the bands share members) holding the pacing on this track, but you can definitely see that the group’s placed a bit more emphasis on the clarity of the lyrics and guitar sounds; i the end, it makes for a much warmer sound, yet still very intimate.  We’re all going to enjoy playing this one.


Download:Dive – How Long Have You Known [MP3]

Skippy New Jam from Beach Fossils

We’ve been in love with Beach Fossils for some time now, so we’re always happy when a new track springs up out of nowhere; today was just such a day.  The group’s got a spanking new 7″ coming out on Captured Tracks on February 21st, and we’re here to share the A-side “Shallow.”  For me, the guitar line practically own the entire song, though I love those softly places vocals that get to duel it out at the same time.  If you’re looking for something to put a bit of pep in the step, then get on jamming to this track.  Don’t forget the band will be in Austin for SXSW!


Download:Beach Fossils – Shallow [MP3]

Incredible New Pop from The Proper Ornaments

Don’t you love when you run across an incredible pop tune that you just can’t get out of your head?  This new self-titled EP from The Proper Ornaments is absolutely incredible, and you can definitely find yourself getting carried away listening to it on repeat.  For me, it reminds me of a smoother Beach Fossils, with the same sort of drum beat and jangle to the guitar lines, but the vocals definitely are a lot gentler.  Those in love with all things jangling and twee will find themselves falling head over heels for this record, so head HERE to get yourself a copy.


Download: The Proper Ornaments – Who Thought [MP3]

Psych Fest Recap 2011: Part 1

The Seaholm Power Plant played host to psych, prog, indie and noise for three days, we were on hand for two of the three, picking out the best for the ATH faithful. The main stage centering the cavernous interior offered several interesting viewing angles due to the fenced off holes in the floor to the level below. Lighting throughout accentuated the scale of the interior and depth of the catacombs. Stage two was a smaller space set off to the side that remained at human body. Hit the jump for band summaries and pictures from the festival.

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New Tunes from Beach Fossils

After breaking out a pretty solid debut, Beach Fossils are at it again, ready to release a new EP on Captured Tracks, which is quickly making waves in my book. The collection is titled What a Pleasure, and it adds just another thing to look forward to on February 22nd.  You’ll find that the vocals are really up front in the mix, while the guitar just sort of meanders back and forth throughout the song.  It’s got a feeling of labelmates (and founder) Blank Dogs, if you removed the fuzziness and distortion.  Neither of those things are bad in my book, but that’s just one man’s opinion.  I’ll let you make the final call.


Download: Beach Fossils – Calyer [MP3]

Here We Go Magic @ Emo’s (8/4)

Date 8/4/10
Location Emos
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Ticketweb

Here We Go Magic have another show planned in Austin this Wednesday night at Emo’s.  Seems like these guys have been stopping in town a lot over the last couple years so I’m glad to see up and comers Beach Fossils also on the bill.  Oh No Oh My will be opening up the night.


Download: Here We Go Magic – Collector [MP3]

Beach Fossils – s/t

Rating: ★★★½☆

During SXSW we were treated to an amazing live show by Beach Fossils, and we finally have their self-titled debut to back up all that hype.  The record is full of surf-infused jangling guitars and simplistic drum beats, all which make this the perfect album to listen to while you’re being active around the house, or just looking for something great to jam out to with your friends.

As soon as “Sometimes” comes in through your stereo you’re introduced to the band’s sound.  Guitar chords jangle and snake their way through the song, while the drumming provides a bit of an extra kick to the song, giving it just an extra hint of spring.  Vocals wash over the song, while more vocals wash over the vocals.  “Youth” doesn’t do too much to distance itself from its predecessor, though you’ll find that the second track does have a bit more sway, mostly due to the pacing of the percussive element.

“Lazy Day” is the first song on the record that takes a different bent, although none of these songs sounds exactly the same.  Here, you’ll find a bit more of a hollow sounding vocal, which actually sounds perfect with the way that the guitar seems to ring in the foreground.  The echo-y vocal effect is used again on “Daydream,” though a slower delivery affects the listener in a different manner. You’ll have to listen to the battle between the feuding guitar lines, and its only then that the drums will make themselves evident, as they seem so low in the mix here that you almost miss them.

However much this album does seem to run together with its similar sounds, Beach Fossils do just enough to differentiate between the tracks.  “Window View” carries on the themes of observation and dreaming that are present throughout the record, but a slower pace entirely seems to actually have the listener looking out the window as this track plays in your house.  You can still feel the roots of the band’s sonic pallet here, but it’s just a bit left of that, giving the record a bit of room to breathe.  Then you go right back to the band’s bread and butter with “The Horse.”  It’s got a ringing guitar, a coated vocal, and a bit of a bounce to it.  It would be interesting to see where the band’s sound could go if they had the addition of legitimate percussion.  Not saying the drums don’t serve a purpose on Beach Fossils, but the creative notches could be turned up a bit, pushing the band’s sound even further.

Listening to Beach Fossils over and over again might get a little bit tiresome, but they’ve lived up to the promise they created this year with their live shows.  They’ve crafted an album full of charm and melody, presented in their own distinctive fashion, which inevitably will find their way into your daily listening rotation.  A few key ingredients missing keep this album from being incredible, but don’t hold that against Beach Fossils, as it’s a record worthy of your summer listening parties.


Download: Beach Fossils – Youth [MP3]

New Tunes from Beach Fossils

After SXSW we brought you news of one of our favorites, Beach Fossils.  At the time, they only had a 7″ and an Insound session, but now we’ve got more to offer you. Their self-titled album will be in stores on May 25th via Captured Tracks. This sneak peak has a lot more of a lo-fi tendency than I remembered live, but those pounding drums that one me over are very evident. All in all, this should definitely be an album full of consistently good jams.


Download: Beach Fossils – Youth [MP3]

SXSW Discovery: Beach Fossils

I had heard of Beach Fossils before SXSW, but in this world of constant music exchange, I guess I glanced over them.  That is until I saw their rocking set at the Force Field/Terrorbird Party on Wednesday.  They definitely sounded a lot poppier than what I remember hearing, and you could tell they were having fun on stage, which is always a good thing!  They recently recorded a studio session for Insound you can check out HERE. But, just in case you’re not into that, we’ve got a tune for you to check out as well that comes off their recent 7″ for Woodsist.


Download: Beach Fossils – Daydream [MP3]

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