Bops of the Week: July 5th – 9th

Here we are on another Monday, about halfway through the musical calendar, and while I should probably be working on one of those magically meaningless “Midway Best Of,” I feel like I’d be letting down our friends if we didn’t do our wrap-up of the goods from last week. Honestly, and I won’t throw out names, but there are some jams that would certainly make my best of the year list…one in particular. Can you guess it? Also, some of the new stuff by Love, Burns and Normil Hawaiians isn’t streaming, so I linked you to some of their other work you might enjoy. Mostly, it’s Monday, and I like to make this playlist for my friend Marc, so he doesn’t have to read anything and just gets music. Happy Monday folks!

Beach Vacation Share Moving On

Of all the beach associated acts, I feel like Beach Vacation has the brand down. Their latest single opens with this pulsing groove, like the rush from the car to the first splash in the ocean waves, running as fast as you can to hit that water; it keeps the song progressing, adding the pace where its needed. Taking on the vocals, you get that cool wash of mist smashing against the rocks, coating those nearby in this damp cool. Plus, if you wanted to score someone skating along the beach boardwalk, I couldn’t think of a better tune to hit the spot. This tune available courtesy of Z Tapes.

Beach Vacation Release I Fell Apart

Begun long ago, the story of Beach Vacation is continuing with their excellent I Fell Apart LP, which drops today courtesy of Z Tapes. I wanted to kind of pick up on one the album standouts, which gives you a glimpse to the various sides of the band’s sound. You get this initial shimmering bounce, kind of a rougher edge before the song sort of slinks off into this mellower pop vibe. Soft vocals coo across rhythm, counteracting against the energetic forces pushing through. Every once in a while the band get a little heavy, offering a look at the various styles you’ll get to hear on the LP.

Beach Vacation Checks WA Weather

beachvacayI’m waiting for this rain to clear away, so in searching for that, I’m also searching for some sunny music to carry me through these rough couple of weeks.  That’s how I discovered Beach Vacation, who’ve got their Maritime EP ready for release from Dufflecoat Records.  The sound of the guitar opens the track in exactly the right direction, with a swinging sensation that immediately provides joy for the listener. There’s no reason not to listen to this track and get excited about the group at hand.  You need something to cheer up your day, then come here and jam to Beach Vacay.