Last Week’s Jams (5.27 – 5.31)

A strange week we had last week; I blame the Memorial Day holiday for that, as it started us all off a bit slow. For whatever reason, we didn’t get a lot of fresh tunes, so I, of course, was out there digging deep to unearth some stuff you’re probably not going to find in a ton of other spots, like the new T.G. Shand or Holding Hour singles. It was good to get another single from the next the Martial Arts LP, plus our old friend Stephen popped up with his new project Shortcuts. And, as I’ve been trying to do more, there were some great records like the new Neutrals and Oh Boland LPs I wanted to nod towards too. It’s all in the playlist below.

Bed Maker Prep Debut Self Titled LP

This track from Bed Maker popped up a minute ago, and I’m totally stuck on the band’s sound. They offer up this sort of rumbling post-punk, operating on the driving rhythm piece that leaves tons of space for both Amanda MacKaye and stabbing guitar lines to dive into the fold. So many moments on this tune feel like they’ve got you tumbling, crawling for survival; they build angst and tension, tossing out emphatic punches of vocals and guitar bursts with abandon. You get the feeling that this quartet will rip right through your speakers and start playing on your living room floor; they’ll be doing just that if you grab their self-titled LP this Friday via Dischord.

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