Free Time Share Half Measures

Free Time will be dropping Jangle Jargon next week, and before it hits, there’s one more little tasty morsel to get you on board. Like most of the tunes we’ve heard thus far, this single works in parts, though culled together seamlessly. Starting off with this sort of natural chug, it then opens into this childlike chorus, punctuated by the move towards a jangling crisp guitar that moves us into stage 3…all before returning to stasis. The second go round, Dion is joined with backing vocals, giving into this sense of hope and elation that brings us to the song’s close. Bedroom Suck Records release Jangle Jargon on September 30th.

Don Glori Share Ponte Single

Sometimes, and I know it’s completely on me, but I feel like my musical tastes can sometimes get one-note, especially on here. But, I love all sort of stuff, and probably have some sort of musical ADHD, which is why I’ve just been drinking my coffee and jamming this track from Don Glori, the recording project of Melbourne’s Gordon Li. The project has just announced a debut LP, Welcome, and this first single is a collage that moves from a soulful Latin groove into an almost classical-oriented lounge act, though in doing this seamlessly, you’re just sitting there with your head spinning, lost in the chilled vibes Li has built for us all. The debut LP will be out on October 14th courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records.

Free Time Share Jangle Jargon Title Track + Video

A few weeks back, we got the strikingly sparky “That’s Rare” from the forthcoming Free Time LP. Below, you’ll find the Jangle Jargon’s title track in video format, revealing a more pensive brand of guitar pop from Dion. We join Dion (and dog), canoeing alongside him in still waters while the gentle strum paddles us downstream; it’s a mellower turn than the opening single, allowing the listener more of an immersive experience. Just at the 2:22 mark or so the percussive element gives us a bit of a gallop, with Nania relishing the mantra of “jangle jargon” before the song erupts into a bit of pop exploration, guitars noodling as Dion accompanies in visual interpretive dance. A different journey down the river, but one that’s as equally rewarding as its predecessor; Jangle Jargon drops on September 30th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Free Time Announce Jangle Jargon

We haven’t heard from Free Time in quite some time, but Dion Nania’s band returns with one of my favorite tracks of recent weeks right here, along with the announcement of Jangle Jargon. Rushing in with those jangling guitars doesn’t ever do any harm, and I love how some of the notes jet off into their own little mini-solos, adding some bounce to the tune here and there. The vocals hold onto this cool indifference, and somehow Dion feels like he’s channeling an Australian Dan Treacy. One of the great things about this tune, however, is the musicianship is on full display, with plenty of moments where they band just let it rip, vocal free, yet still keeping the vibe going. If you dig, Jangle Jargon is out September 30th via Bedroom Suck.

Dag Share Who Own’s Pain Single

When I heard that Dag were putting together a double LP, I was a little shocked, wondering how they’d get all those song together. But, as more leaks come out from the release, it seems you really get all these different vibes from the band, which has me rather excited. I love the sort of baroque pop attitude of this new single, sort of plodding along like a marching band down the streets, albeit one with a bit of an Aussie twist. Subtle backing vocals add a further texture that’s equally enchanting…I mean, who doesn’t like the “ba ba ba da da” moment in the song’s late end? Pedestrian Life sounds like its going to rip; it drops on June 25th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Dag Share Another Single from Pedestrian Life

There have already been a couple records dropping this year that have absolutely charmed me, making them (in my mind) better than anything else. While this is on the second single from Pedestrian Life, I can feel that this forthcoming Dag LP is going to weasel its way into that 2021 pantheon of greats. I was sold at the open, with careful guitar notes staggering in off-kilter, matched by great strings and; they’re soon joined by harmonica and a catchy little rhythmic bounce. You get all that in the first minute, quickly followed up by overlapping vocals, one more of a spoken-sing-song with the other operating in a more melodic registry; this is the little nugget I put in my pocket to carry away. Is it weird that I want this song soundtracking the next year of my life? Pedestrian Life is out June 25th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Dag Announces Pedestrian Life

If you were fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with Dag‘s Benefits of Solitude, then, like me, you’re expecting remarkable heights from the forthcoming double LP, Pedestrian Life. Dusty Anastassiou’s voice somehow crafts melody while also seeming like a welcome lecture from your favorite speaker. The first half of the song works with the vocals and a marching style stomp, allowing the guitars to serve as this uplifting layer for textural purpose; echoing and twisting in the background like sly snakes. When you hit 2:14, you can hear the song shift, the guitars seem more melodic, cascading in step with Dusty’s soothing delivery, all of it culminating in this quick burst of emphatic jam that abruptly draws the song to a close. Already I’m loving it and looking for more! Pedestrian Life is out via Bedroom Suck Records on June 18th.

Another Rabbit Island Tune

If you’ve been reading over the last month or so, you’d likely notice how much I’m enjoying the music coming from Rabbit Island. Amber Fresh originally recorded the music in an empty kitchen for her family back in 2013, but the song’s have recently been remastered and set for release as Songs for Kids. The songs, like the one below, are so simple in their presentation, providing both a sense of intimacy and wonderment as Fresh teaches life lessons through song. This one feels like the perfect way to start off the week, as its providing instructions on how to have a nice day. Songs for Kids is available via Bedroom Suck Records.

Another Track from Rabbit Island

Years back, when her niece was 2 years old, Amber Fresh wrote a collection of songs, recorded them to tape, and gave them to her niece. These tracks have been unearthed and remastered for her Rabbit Island project, and they’re the perfect way to spend the early hours of your Monday. All of the songs are quietly strummed, with Fresh’s voice matching those tones. But, for me, there’s a timelessness to the lyrical content, particularly for a father of an almost 2 year old (especially in today’s climate). It features great lines like “some days you’ll have to eat cupcakes to feel good” and “not every day can be the best day.” Sure, they hit home for a child, but they should resonate with all of us. Songs for Kids will be released on April 24th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Rabbit Island Share In the Forest, Far Away

Sometimes we miss out on true beauty, so if you didn’t listen to Deep in the Big, the 2018 LP from Rabbit Island, you should remedy that. If you choose not to, so be it, but at least play the video below to hear the her latest offering. This tune comes off Songs for Kids, which was one of Amber Fresh’s earliest recordings, done in a Melbourne kitchen at a friend’s house; it’s since been remastered, though the intimacy of the recording is certainly not lost. Fresh wrote these songs for her niece, who was two at the time, so while they’re gentle and soothing, they also offer this sense of wonderment that’s certain to charm. The reissued album will be available from Bedroom Suck Records on April 24th.

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