Stream the New Lower Plenty LP

lowerplentyMan, the opening song from Lower Plenty‘s new LP plays constantly in my brain; it’s the casual anti-pop that I’ve grown to love over the last decade or so. But, Sister Sister is full of great tunes that are equal to, or better than the opener. For the most part, this is a mellow affair, which might shock those who’ve followed the members other projects, like Total Control or UV Race. Still, give a listen to “Run Run Run” or “Cursed by Numbers” and try to tell me you’re not totally lost in what they’re doing. Looking for an album full of beautiful escape, then look no further. The LP is released by Bedroom Suck Records this Friday.

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More New Lower Plenty

The first single from Lower Plenty‘s new record had a foot in the modern Aussie sound we’ve all be championing here in the States, but the latest tune takes an entirely different approach, offering a slow burner. I’m sure this will get annoying for the band, but you can’t help but to hear some lineage to Lou Reed being channeled in this song. It’s mostly carefully touched percussion, guitar and vocals, with a special touch being layered with string arrangements. I like to see that there’s two sides of the coin with most bands, especially when you haven’t heard the whole record…so you never know what you’ll get. Look for their new album, Sister Sister, on November 18th via Bedroom Suck Records.

Chilled Out New Lower Plenty Tune

lowerplentyFeels like as the year ends, folks are scrambling to get their last releases out into the world, with this new Lower Plenty high on my list of things to anticipate. Listening to their latest single, it definitely feels like this is the epitome of the great indie rock that’s come from Oceania the last several years. There’s no rush, just a casual plodding with a nice guitar ring to it. The vocals, like the guitars, just sit back and offer you warm melody, allowing you to pleasantly let the day drift by you. Look for their new album, Sister Sister, via Bedroom Suck Records on November 18th.

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New to Me: Dag Ready Debut

dagWell, there goes the rest of my day! I just happened to stop by Bedroom Suck Records, looking to see what they’ve been up to, and lo and behold new song from Dag. Dammit if it’s not just a great little bit of a swinging pop jam. I mean, it definitely has an Aussie feel to it, but I like the added pieces in the background like the strings that work against the songs natural swinging stomp. The band have a debut album titled Benefits of Solitude coming out in February, but while we wait, can we not just celebrate the genius of this track?

Plus, you can visit the band and find some early versions of this track and some others I feel that will make their way onto the new LP.

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Dreamy Pop from Superstar

superstarJust the other day I was lamenting the fact that Seapony wasn’t around anymore; I’ll always love the way they blended dream pop with elements of jangle and surf influences. Still, I needed a replacement, and while Superstar has pulled back on the jangling side, they definitely emit the same emotional pull that I found in the aforementioned band. Aside from the emotional appeal, I really enjoy the fact that the songs on their new album, Table for Two, are long, so you have plenty to digest. The record is being handled by Bedroom Suck Records, an always reliable source of good tunes.

You Beauty Offer Up Something A Bit Different

12107067_1019804001405757_5678164075322496692_nI don’t really know what to say about You Beauty other than I’m really enjoying their latest single. It starts out with this brooding bit of post-punk, offering up spoken word to accompany that style. But, as the song pushes along, a shimmering burst of pop shines through in the chorus; it twists the listener up, somehow reminding me of the joyous early days of Brit pop. The band has a new album titled Illywhacka coming your way on January 16th courtesy of the folks over at Bedroom Suck Records, which has been super reliable this year.

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Terrible Truths Finally Prep Debut

Terrible Truths 2015 LP cover PRINT READYI feel like it’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the debut from Australia’s Terrible Truths is finally on its way. Several singles have floated about for years, and this is the second official single from the band.  It’s got an angular punch to it, tied in with a playful bounce to keep the groove running. There’s a whole lot to love from the vocal delivery; it’s almost bratty, but in an indifferent sort of way rather than just an angst-ridden tirade. Honestly, it’s all really refreshing, and it feels like the band is doing so much right with this tune. Their self-titled debut is out this week courtesy of Bedroom Suck Records.

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Totally Mild – Down Time

a1517592540_10Rating: ★★★½☆

Totally Mild are a four piece outfit who hail from Melbourne, Australia and create lush and soft sounding indie pop. What started out as the project of front woman, Elizabeth Mitchell, became fully fleshed out with the help the collective creativity of the band as a group. The result is Down Time the debut album from these folks which will have your ears begging for more of the heaven-sent indie pop.

The first thing you’ll notice when you sit down to listen to this record, and what will bring you back again and again to certain tracks is the impossible crisp and delicate nature of Mitchell’s vocals. Half-falsetto, half simply so sharp they sound practically other-worldly in their effortless perfection, Mitchell’s vocals are easily the star of the mix, or at least the star that shines the brightest in the indie pop. Totally Mild’s sound is a mix of straightforward indie pop with hints of sun-bleached surf guitars and a dash of shoe-gaze. The guitars edge between jangly and clear and are always perfectly spliced into the mix, resulting in a concise and careful quality to Down Time.

In the crisp and pure sound of the vocals in combination with the instruments to make simply divine sounding pop, an interesting dynamic spurs in the middle part of the album in which these gentle sounding melodies make for some pretty dark tunes. In the three track knockout span that includes “Nights,” “The Next Day,” and  “Work It Out,” the band combines their sweet sounding pop with the spinning of morose lyrics: “All my nights end with all my friends dead,” “I’m in bed and I never want to go outside again,” “Lately I’ve used up all my faces of disdain.” But each of these numbers bring in the blacker notes to the tracks in different ways. The first out of the trio, “Nights,” adds a hint of sinister sound in the guitar licks, which are even and slow, while the other two of the tracks act as two parts of a whole. “The Next Day,” is about exactly what you’d expect it to be about and is a slow, somewhat self-deprecating track whose center break down is tragically filled with nostalgia, and longing. This leads seamlessly into “Work It Out” which brings in the darker elements with the cutty guitar parts and the sectionalized bits of the song. These three tracks alone are simply great, and show the kind of promise this band has.

For a debut album, there is a ton to appreciate about this release; it’s brief, filled with some great tracks that will pull you back time and time again. However, in the brevity, it seems to lack a bit of meat to its core. On a few of the numbers, the band seems to be getting to a build, or starting to build up, but then the song just ends instead of going in a different direction. This flatness isn’t a huge detractor from the enjoyability of the record, but a little more dimensionality would have pushed it from good to great. I look forward to hearing a sophomore release from Totally Mild.


A New Tune from Boomgates

boomgates2A few years ago there was this brief explosion of Aussie tunes that received a lot of love on our continent, especially from this site.  Bands like Twerps, Bitch Prefect, Bored Nothing, Pop Singles and more made waves, but I was particular to Boomgates.  I’ve kept an eye on the group for some time, so I’m glad to see that they’ll soon be releasing a new effort via Bedroom Suck Records.  There’s no exact word on when this new album will be released, but it popped up on a compilation that was recently released by the label.  It’s somewhere in between jangling twangling Aussie pop and just your down-home traditional indie pop.  It’s a special Friday delight.

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Get Yourself Into Lower Plenty

lifeWhile there’s no word on the future release on Mexican Summer here in the US, the Lower Plenty album is out now from Bedroom Suck Records.  Why does that matter? Well, the Australian act is pretty much one of my favorite things right now (in case you care).  They’ve got a sound similar to other acts like Twerps or Dick Diver, with this relaxed approach to songwriting, yet wholly versed in the world of pop.  The album is said to be a collection of moments and recordings captured, then organized into the album format.  Whatever it is, Life/Thrills is a pretty enjoyable listen from start to finish.

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