New Best Friend Music

Best Friend already has one EP under their belt for 2017, so why not bookend the year with another great collection of pop tunes? This is a short number, with quick percussive work pacing the track while careful little synth lines dance about. Vocals come in like puffs of smoke, just faintly floating in the distant mix. It’s an interesting take, a combination of dream pop and dancey club rhythms. Of course, if someone’s putting out great music, you’d expect Beko Disques to be involved; they’ll release ZZZZAP on November 28th.

New Music from Best Friend

Beko Disques are probably one of my favorite labels at the moment, quietly going about releasing excellence with little to no need for playing the game. They just dropped this delightful Best Friend track to announce the forthcoming LP for the group. You’ll find the vocals sitting back in the distance on this number, almost as if they’re fading away as you put your ear next to your speaker. Dreamy jangles seep out from the guitars, with some tight little drum rolls to fill out the vibe. The release is scheduled to drop come November, so keep your eyes peeled.

Stream Infinity Rock N Roll from Jack Lee

Jack Lee might be better known in the US as the frontman for Beef Jerk, who released the excellent (and slightly overlooked) Tragic on Trouble in Mind Records. But, he’s got several solo efforts under his belt, with the latest being released today via Beko Disques. Right now, I’m really enjoying the diversity of the listen, taking on several styles, kicking out varying moods. Personally, I’ve gravitated towards “What You Don’t Do” as my favorite, like a weird world where Dan Treacy tries to take on modern casual pop. Oh, and I’d kick myself if I didn’t throw out the name Stephanie Ohlback; she’s serves as the vocal foil to Lee on almost every song, but perfectly shines on her own on “Taps Aff” and “Pieces.” And there I go, changing my mind on what my favorite hit from this LP is. You should just stream Infinity Rock N’ Roll and figure it out for yourself!

Stream New EP from Debate Club

Debate Club has been on my radar for a bit now, as I closely follow their label, Beko Disques, who do a great job of discovering gems abroad I probably wouldn’t ever hear about. The band release the Fish Fry EP today, and it’s a noisy number of heavy pop songs that will surely find room in your listening rotation this week (and beyond). Fans of new psych stylings will find that the darkened style of the group is entrancing on its own, though be warned of the slight pop sensibility that becomes apparent the more you listen to the EP. Standout track “Depeche” is one of my favorite tracks of the month thus far, especially as the vocals are stretched and the rhythm section pounds in your ears. Go grab the EP today!

Sorry I Missed This: Djokovic

In such a mad world, we should all be forgiven when things slide under the radar, but I should have known better than to skip out on a Beko Disques release! Late January saw the release of the Caligula EP by Djokovic. It’s two tracks of drifting, dreamy pop music, built on the back of carefully wrung guitar chords and an ethereal atmosphere. The vocals don’t come in until after the first minute, but by then, you’re already completely lost in the song. I figured it’s the best way to start off Thursday, lost in great pop music. If you slept on this too, then now’s the time to correct that mistake!

New Music from Debate Club

debateclubWhile we were all taking a break in the States, the rest of the world was moving on, and one of my personal favorite little labels, Beko Disques, tossed out this brand new EP from Debate Club. If you listen, you’d see thatMontreal group fit rather nicely with the current indie landscape; they offer up a slightly dark bit of rock n’ roll, built upon a brooding sensation with a slight bit of foot stomping. You can grab the 2 track EP for the magical name your own price option, but please remember, folks can only keep putting out great songs like this if we throw them a dollar from time to time.

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Tam Vantage Album is Getting Nearer

tamI’ve talked up the new Tam Vantage album quite a bit, seeing as I was a huge fan of Pop Singles, it just makes sense. Being Stateside, it’s been hard to really get too much info on his album Life in High Definition. But, it looks like the album is finally set for release on October 16th via Lost and Lonesome/Beko Disques. With that, the band has released the first “official” single, and it shows quite a progression for Tam. I love the guitar sound, but you’ll also hear a wash of keyboards and a little bit of choral vocals backing him up. Definitely one of the fall releases that has me super excited.

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Jangly Pop From Snowy Nasdaq and Snowy Life

snowyOk, so weirdest and longest band name goes to Snowy Nasdaq and Snowy Life, and while I’m not really sure what’s going on with that name, I do know that this new track from these Australians is a gem. “Ironic Life,” is a jangly spin around the room with added streaming synths which add another layer of pop texture to the mix. The whole track is a fast paced and jam of a good time, with the distorted vocals making it a little different than your average pop tune.

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Friday is for Finnmark!

finnyI’ve backed the boys in Finnmark! for quite some time, and I’m really excited to hear their brand new album, Things Always Change.  There’s a delightful jangle to the work of the band on their latest single, although I’ll admit there’s a great deal of maturity here, in both songwriting and the vocals.  It reminds me of the best of Cats on Fire, so you can’t really ignore something this special. This ditty is brief, spanning just beyond the 2 minute mark, thus allowing you to get your pop fix over and over again in quick succession.  The band’s debut will be released via Beko Disques on May 15th, and it looks to be something really really special…the sort of album indiepop fans will hold dear for years to come.

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