Aquarian Blood Share Time in the Rain

Being a fan of Aquarian Blood, this tune was already destined to be a personal favorite, but it might also be the sort of tune that weasels its ways into the core of mainstream indie coverage. To me, it sounds like the Horrell’s are channeling an old school K Records aesthetic, though integrating it into their own brand of Tennessee folk. JB and Laura’s voices never felt so compatible as they do right here; this feels rooted in the song’s message that “love sees us through.” Personally, I love the careful acoustic notes, spontaneously interrupted by another guitar note that seems to be creeping down the scaled stairs after each mini verse, evolving into a hint of psychedelic exploration. Bending the Golden Hour is out on May28th via Goner Records.

Aquarian Blood Announce Bending the Golden Hour

I’ll go out and admit that I didn’t love Aquarian Blood until I caught them live touring behind A Love That Leads to War. There was something about that night, playing at Hotel Vegas, with a scattered crowd that just connected the dots between artists and music. Laurel and JB Horrell were presenting this spirited performance that felt more like a bluegrass seance, yet somehow felt right at home amongst the tattooed cool of the venue. They return today with a new single and a new LP, Bending the Golden Hour, and it very much feels like its still destined to haunt my musical bones; the guitar work is careful and ornate, using the Horrell’s overlapping vocals to beg you to come into the musical world they’ve created. It feels like the 2 have found their home in the music they’re crafting together, and as they open the doors and invite us in, we should be obliged to spend a few moments with their work. Bending the Golden Hour is out May 28th via Goner Records.