Small Black Give Us Even More

unnamedIt’s been a busy year for Small Black and Team ATH has already shared two new singles from the band so we might as well go on and share a third.  This one is called “Back at Bells” and is yet again another gem sure to get you more fired up for the band’s new album.  What else is left to say really?

Don’t forget to pick up Best Blues on October 16th via Jagjaguwar.

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Sleek Synth Pop For Dancing From Small Black

unnamed-5Not too long ago I shared with you this track from Brooklyn’s Small Black, and enjoyed the new release of pulsating synth pop from these established gentlemen. Once again, this four piece have returned to demonstrate their great knack for churning out killer synth pop tracks that not only makes you want to shake it, but also conjures some real human connection. In “No One Wants It To Happen To You,” once you press play, you know the band’s got something big in store for you; the sounds of the track all sort of loom quietly and begin to build gradually in the mix. They’ve got a new album called Best Blues  coming out October 16th on Jagjaguwar. 

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Get Down With Small Black

unnamed-2It’s a Thursday, so naturally you’re itching for the weekend to hurry up and get here already. What’s a better way to channel yourself into the weekend vibe other than some slick dance music? Small Black have got you covered there with this new single, “Boys Life,” which is taken from the band’s upcoming release, Best Blues, and is filled with enough synthesizer to let you make believe it’s Friday night already.  The track pretty much immediately launches into the groove, with a somewhat minimalist tone to it: though there’s a lot going on, the soundscape seems spacey other than the constant percussion blasting through in waves. Then the track really kicks into full swing and you really can’t help but shimmy along. Take a listen below and look out for Best Blues out October 16th from Jagjaguwar. 

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