More Power Pop Goodness from Death By Unga Bunga

deathThose of you looking for SXSW artists to watch, as well as just great albums to look out for, should have Death by Unga Bunga on your radar. Their latest single is a power-pop stomper, akin to the best arena rock we’re all afraid to admit to our friends that we love. Still, what makes the band sound so rad is that they still kick out a little bit of attitude to go along with their huge hooks. Their new effort Pineapple Pizza (which sounds gross!) will be out next Friday, March 4th.

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Last Postcard Subscription from Art Is Hard

artworks-000063026443-mboi5y-t500x500As I mentioned yesterday, and many times on these pages before, Art Is Hard is one of my favorite little labels working at the moment; I’m quite envious of their work and success.  It looks like they’re closing out the year with their final Postcard Subscription by bringing a new songs from Five Leaf Nettles, which is the project of Best Friends songwriter Jack Collister.  I really love the depth of this song; it sounds simple at first, but there’s multiple layers of a instrumentation layered beneath.  If your wise, you’ll start paying more attention to what this label has to offer.


Download: Five Leaf Nettles – Autumn [MP3]

Solid Hit from Best Friends

bestfriendsYou’ve got to keep your eye on the kids over at Art is Hard Records; they’re always finding unique ways to appease fans with great music and great ideas.  Recently they announced they’d be doing an AA 7″ single with Best Friends, and dammit if this first track isn’t just a straight hit.  It opens slowly, leading one to think the band has taken a casual approach, but if you wait, it blasts off into excellent territory that will please most listeners.  Personally, I like the way the vocals are tossed out, almost shouted from a distance.  The seven-inch will be formerly available on September 23rd, but you can pre-order, or just jam out, now.

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Great Rocker from Best Friends

I guess I was wrong! I had planned on making it a mellow day for you all, but I can’t resist putting up this track from Sheffield’s Best Friends. The group just did a split for Art Is Hard Records, which unfortunately sold out super fast…I guess that means everyone is as excited by them as I am at the moment.  This tune is a fast paced rocker that just jumps out of your stereo from start to finish.  I can see these guys taking the stage with Terry Malts, pummeling our ears in a furious fashion, giving us instant pop gratification. Ya dig?


Download:Best Friends – Mankind [MP3]

New Music From Holy Wave

Austin’s own Holy Wave have asked us to share this new track “Best Friends” coming out this week as a single.  The tune’s sort of a psych-rock garage inspired number that shows a lot of promise for this up and coming band.  If you’re feeling it like we are, you can pick up a physical copy of this one and another new tune from the band on their new start up label Fungal Hunger.  It’s a great time for new music in Austin.


Download: Holy Wave – Best Friends [MP3]

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