True Beauty From Sam Kogan

unnamed-8It’s Thursday and I’m struggling through this week, but things can always perk up when you find a song like this one in your inbox. It’s called “Something’s Wrong” and comes by way of Brooklyn singer/songwriter Sam Kogan. It’s sort of a psych pop opus featuring a beginning similar to a band like Choir of Young Believers, but slowly builds into a full on rock jam out session near the end. It’s an epic joy ride of pop music.

Kogan will release new album Psychic Tears on October 28th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.

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Beautiful Pop from Eerie Wanda

eerieEerie Wanda hadn’t really come up on my radar until I started thumbing through the SXSW listings, but I’m glad to have found the act, moving them high upon my list of bands I want to catch. They’ll be releasing their new album, Hum, on Beyond Beyond is Beyond this week, and pop fans will clamor to get their hands on it. At moments, the band recalls Camera Obscura, but there’s also a darker edge in the guitar chords, which creates a different sound that’s not really being utilized by any other acts. Spend some time with this track, and grab the album when it comes out tomorrow.

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SXSW Interview: Heaters

HeatersI am ready for SXSW.  I think.  Whatever mindset you are in, tons of bands are about to descend on our town next week who are all ready and willing to take us by storm.  Today I’m pumped to share yet another festival oriented interview with you from Grand Rapids based Heaters.  Now these guys are dropping a new 7″ single on April 28th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records and you should most definitely pre-order it right now.  Follow the jump for full interview.

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Crunchy Tune from Prince Rupert’s Drops

purpleraindropsThe last time we heard from Prince Rupert’s Drops the band were dropping in with some classical spins on modern psychedelia.  But, it seems as if they’ve taken those tendencies and moved in a more rock specific direction.  Don’t be alarmed, there’s still a great bit of fuzz spinning out of your speakers, including a nice blistering solo.  That being said, the group opens the track in a manner that might possibly lend itself towards a greater accessibility.  Personally, I dig the delivery of the vocals; it’s almost playful within the grand sphere of the track.  Look for their second LP, Climbing Light, via Beyond Beyond is Beyond on November 11th.

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Yet More Tunes from New Electric Ride

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALondon’s New Electric Ride want to make sure that you don’t forget about them, which is a great way to throw things out leading up to the release of a new record. Their latest single shows the group’s paisley side shining through, using the internal melody as the backbone of the track, wrapping the rest of the instrumentation around it.  I particularly like the fuzzed out bass line that pops up for a few seconds just after the two-minute mark.  They’ll be releasing Balloon Age on February 25th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond–so soon!

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New Rocker From Prince Rupert’s Drops

I’m in a rock n roll mood today and my appetite is being quelled by this little number “Pillar to Post” by Brooklyn based rockers Prince Rupert’s Drops.  For the unacquainted, this psych rock foursome have actually been together for quite some time, but have never formally released a new LP until now.  Their upcoming album, Run Slow, is officially their debut LP that will see the light of day on November 6th via Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records.  The band creates a sound that really reminds me of local upstarts Ghost Wolves with a little bit more of a polished sound.


Download: Prince Rupert’s Drops – Pillar to Post [MP3]