New Jam from Puff Pieces

In case you missed Bland in DC, then you missed the jagged stuttering punk rock of Puff Pieces. But, now’s your chance to get into the band, as they have a brand new 7″ coming your way soon via Lovitt Records. There’s this ever-present erratic sound that the band brings to the table, but twice in this song they break it down with an emphatic punch of crashing drums and ringing chords. I can’t deny the vibrance that lives in their work either; it’s smart, upbeat and ultimately, you find yourself pogoing about with your hands around your best friends. PreOrder the single right HERE.

Puff Pieces – Bland in DC

puffpiecesRating: ★★★½☆

Puff Pieces are anything but what their band name might lead you to believe. They’ve compiled 11 songs for their latest release, Bland in DC, with each providing listeners with a message. You needn’t look further than some of the titles like “March of the Idiots” or “Money” to see where they take aim. But, in order for the record and the message to completely endear itself to the audience, the band has to supply the musicality to make it last…and boy do they.

“Wanna No” kicks off the album in a jittery, proto-punk fashion while the vocals are drawn out across the tune, seemingly working against the heart of the track. Emphasis is given by backing vocals sporadically shouted from the distance. Staying long isn’t the band’s cup of tea on Bland in DC, as they bounce right into the next track, and so on and so forth until the end. At times, it almost feels like you’re falling off the tracks or racing towards the finish line, such as on tracks like “Wondrous Flowers;” it’s remarkable how quickly and flawlessly the rhythm section moves throughout.

Yet while the group definitely has a signature sound they’re pushing, they also open up the chords for a more traditional approach on tracks like “Pointless People,” which again takes on a furious pace that would likely have normal humans rushing to catch their breath.

I think my favorite track is “Goths and Vandals;” there seems to be a dark sense of humor that lurks in the track, if not a slight bit of sarcasm. My favorite lyric comes via “Y” where the band proclaims “the future’s like a big locked door.”

All in all, I found the record really enjoyable, but I can see detractors proclaiming that it’s too one-note. On the surface, sure, but those of you looking for energetic, yet artful, punk with a message will find a happy home with Puff Pieces.

Really Liking Puff Pieces

puffLately there’s been a rush of all these people looking back on the old emo sounds, but what’s interesting is that that actually makes the work of a band like Puff Pieces seem utterly refreshing, even though their sound might hint at days that are even further back. It’s a steadying bit of jittery punk, mixing great bass work with a stabbing guitar chord that doesn’t move much throughout the track. Still, I like the feeling of it all, like a grittier version of Talking Heads, maybe. Anyways, they’re releasing their album, Bland in DC on April 1st via Lovitt Records.

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Proto Punk from Puff Pieces

puffOff kilter chords matched with a propulsive rhythm section capture your ear almost immediately on this new tune from Puff Pieces. The vocals almost set the whole song off the rails, seeming to work in an odd way against the song’s structure. But, soon the song’s over, and you’re left thinking “what the fuck was that,” and “was it as good as I thought?” It was my friends, which is why the group’s new album, Bland in DC should be on your radar, not only for it’s musicality, but also for the political bent it’s proposing in both album and song titles; it’s out via Lovitt Records on March 25th.

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