Lame Drivers Return with Become An Island

Nearly a decade after their last, New York’s Lame Drivers are back with a classic brand of pop rock that’s undeniably built for modern days. Bits and pieces of their new single pull from an amalgam of crisp guitar licks from the era where folks like Alex Chilton struck gold. That said, there’s a nice bit of edgy undercurrent running beneath, which becomes more apparent as the track goes on, so you’ve got a bit of a modern blend between classic and pop, putting them into a realm that momentarily feels all their own. Good to hear them back at it, and I look forward to Become an Island when it drops in June via Jigsaw/Bleeding Gold.

Tape Waves Sign with Emotional Response and Announce Bright LP

I’ve been covering Tape Waves since their earliest days on Bleeding Gold Records, so its great to hear that the band have signed up with one of our favorite labels Emotional Response for their next LP. And, because you can’t really announce a new record without a single, they’ve thrown us one of those to boot! The song’s got this steady rhythmic bounce to it, giving the song a sturdy background that enables Kim and Jarod to craft the perfect slice of Friday dream pop. Kim’s voice are perfectly softened against the crystalline guitars sparkling behind her; this feels like a very Sarah adjacent pop sound, along the lines of early Heavenly or recent acts like Luxembourg Signal. Some sharpened guitar chords dance about in the song’s middle, giving a nice dose of joy to the listener as the tune fades to a close. Look for Bright on June 4th!

New Me Prep 7″ for Bleeding Gold

If you haven’t heard of New Me yet, that’s perfectly okay as the band’s fairly fresh to the scene. The band are currently in promotion road, as they have a 7″ coming your way fair soon, so we figured we’d give you a sneak peak. Upon pressing play, you’re met with a few quick sections of electronic pulses just before the guitars begin to dance around your eardrums. And then singer Jakob makes his presence known, presenting his deepened tones that at times share similarities with Spencer Krug. His performance aids to the dreamy element, almost haunting the track in a sense as it tries to keep pace with the frantic pace of the rhythm section. Energetic and dark, you’ll want to grab this 7″ before its gone; grab it HERE from Bleeding Gold before the August 31st release date.

Brand New Songs for Walter

My fascination with Songs for Walter goes back to the early singles released via Bleeding Gold Records; there was this solemn depth to the songs, accompanied by similar imagery. This round, however, he seems to still tackle isolating emotions, like the daily grind and accompanying fears, but the music is a tad bit more upbeat than what we’re used to from Laurie. Perhaps this is a new direction, or maybe the song’s meant to show light to the downtrodden working classes. Regardless, another great single from one of my favorite songwriters.

Hook Laden Lo Fi Pop from Sick Balloons

San Diego’s Sick Balloons belong to the cult of bands who never stop writing music; they’ve got a bevy of releases, with one more coming this Friday via the good folks over at Bleeding Gold Records. The recording doesn’t have the studio polish, but that lo-fi quality makes the track seem more earnest, more willing to take risks. It’s got a slight feel in the vein of Guided By Voices, especially in the vocal region. Feel free to invest some time in the band’s back catalog, and be sure to grab the new EP when it’s released this Friday.

Enjoy the Latest from Dream Joints

We’re getting to that point in the year where we’ve got to look back on 2017, and sometimes that means unearthing overlooked hits. One of those was was Dream JointsJust Like Medicine, which luckily was dropped back into my mind via this brand new video from the record. It encapsulates the entirety of the LP: mysterious, dark and captivating. I can hear where fans of heavier psychedelia could get lost in here, but there are these little vocal turns that give out the faintest hint of pop accessibility like the “up in the window” line at 1.12. Feel free to explore more from the band by grabbing their LP from Bleeding Gold Records.

Weirdo Pop from Boys Age

Don’t know too much about Japan’s Boys Age, but with the help of Bleeding Gold Records, these weirdo pop tunes have found their way to me. It’s refreshing to hear someone take on an approach that shares similarities with the masses, yet making it their own. It’s like taking bits of Dent May, Tobacco and Of Montreal and giving them to a bedroom pop crooner; sounds familiar, yet completely in a world of its own. There’s another gem over at BG’s bandcamp…expect an LP coming soon!

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Trippy Pop from Dream Joint

In my search for something a little different, I stumbled upon this new jam from Dream Joints, who will be releasing a 7″ with Bleeding Gold Records in the very near future. This track is the B-Side to that, filled with sampled percussion and an interesting wash of distortion fluttering in the background. The vocals are sunk deep into the heart of the song, with some added electronic textures thrown in to craft a deeper emotional appeal. Give it a listen and stay tuned for more from this project in the next few months!

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Quiet Folk from Roman Lakes

The last time I wrote up something about Roman Lakes I was marveling at the intimacy of the recording. This time around, well, you’re going to get a bit more polish on the lead song, but it still holds you closely, wrapping you up in the warmth from the first instant. However, things do change a touch with the addition of drummer Mario Lunardo…give this song a few moments before he joins in to really make the track something quite special. Bleeding Gold Records is offering it up for the “name your price” mark, but remember to please donate to always keep great small labels running.

More from Oh Well, Goodbye

ohwellNot too many weeks ago I was raving about “Clandestine,” one of the newer tracks we had heard from Liverpool’s Oh Well, Goodbye, but now we’ve got a brand new one for your ears. This one takes on the darker tones of danceable pop music, moved by the throbbing bass and shimmering guitars that cut through the indifferent delivery of the vocals. If you’re going to stare at your shoes, then perhaps you’d want to do it to a track like this, maybe even tap your feet a little…not too much, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. This song features on the band’s forthcoming Swoon EP on Bleeding Gold Records in November. It’s the first of a few releases the band has planned for your end of the year listening.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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