Intimate Number from Roman Lakes

romanlakesI’m always looking to cover the work of Bleeding Gold Records; they have an admirable roster and a unique style of releases. This week they’ve just put up a new digital single from Roman Lakes (NYOP). It’s vocals and picking, with a slight extra here and there from slide guitar in the distance. Listening, you’ll feel as if you’re there for the recording, almost hearing the buzz on the microphone in the final product. Go grab it from the label, and feel free to donate a dollar or three to the art/music world and its continued longevity.

Have You Listened to Tim Chaplin? Why Not?

timBedroom pop is a genre that seems to have grown, but the sad part of that is watching bands or songwriters intentionally go after that aesthetic. But, with Tim Chaplin, you get something entirely different, you get an artist that does it out of necessity, out of a need to release and record music in his own manner. Luckily for all of us, Bleeding Gold Records has opted to release a collection of Tim’s music written between 1996 and 2010, titling it Boy to Make Me Worry. This is a look at a true craftsman, an artist that needs no help and one that now has 39 songs for you to listen to, if you hadn’t gotten into him before.

New EP from Les Bicyclettes Blanches

lbbWe’re not going to give you the full EP, but you should definitely go and grab yourself a copy of this forthcoming EP from Les Bicyclettes Blanches. At first I got stuck with the buzzing of the guitar sound, compounded by the seemingly stuttering vocal delivery, but the crashing  cymbals added near the middle of the track definitely kept me hooked going through. The tune sounds familiar, yet not quite so. That distinctiveness makes me thing their Einfugen EP will be something out of the ordinary, and worth a listen. You can grab it this week from Bleeding Gold.

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Grab the New Album from Lame Drivers

lamedriversIt’s gotta be tough in this landscape, rocking out while all the others play to the masses with their psych-garage twists. So, how do you stand out? Ask Lame Drivers. They seem to have a formula that fits in with the modern day, yet has a knack to propel themselves beyond with a supreme dosage of pop rock n’ roll. The sounds are huge, but huge in the sense that they’re geared towards power-pop fans gathering at the front stage of your favorite arena! They’ll be releasing their new effort Chosen Era in October; it’ll be handled by two of our favorite, Jigsaw Records and Bleeding Gold Records.

Fresh Lo-Fi From Oh Well, Goodbye

10919414_567610736708647_6026023984687587141_oNathan gets credit for finding this sweet jam, but he was kind enough to pass it along to me, so I’m doing you all a solid and sending it your way. Oh Well, Goodbye, or P.J. Rourke, hails from Liverpool, and he’s  got a brand new tape of ‘ramshackle lo-fi indie’ for you to sink your teeth into. The tape is excellent, and you can purchase it here after you listen to the whole thing, but I’m really smitten with the track that I have for you below called “So I Say.” It’s only a two minute song, but its simplicity and rawness will lure you in for sure. Crisp drums welcome you into the song before the blistering guitars join in for the first part of the track, which then transitions to jangly rock and then back to that gritty lo-fi from the beginning. It’s a great track and tape out from Bleeding Gold Records. 

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Fresh EP from Power of Satan

PrintIt’s always interesting to me how music filters and influences places all over the world, which I feel is the case with Power of Satan‘s newest EP. The Japanese band has just released their new four song EP on Bleeding Gold Records, and there’s touchstones of all things indie rock in the last few decades.  I hear little bits of Pavement, but I can also hear a lot of that angular guitar pop that people give Flying Nun credit for; it might seem all over the place with those touchstones, but it’s really a well put together release.  You can grab the EP for NYOP (which means throw some dollars their way).


Download: Invader [MP3]

What Would You Expect From Lizard Kisses?

lizardSometimes I think a lot about where bands come up with their names: is it completely random, or somehow the perfect nominalization for their sound? Well, for Brooklyn’s Lizard Kisses, I’ve got a theory that their name is a pretty apt reflection of their music, as the creepy and cold, yet oddly romantic gentle rock they’ve got going for them is what I would imagine a ‘lizard kiss’ would be like. This “In The Morning” / “Close,” 7″ that they’ve just recently put out is an exciting little snippet of this band’s tunes that I’m digging and I think you will to. You can order this 7″ through their bandcamp page, and have a listen to the tracks below, both of which are pretty great.

Grab the new Album from Aunt Sis

sissyWintry folk music with just a hint of classic pop sensibility? Don’t mind if I do! The work of Aunt Sis, and their 9 Tracks album, is made up of five new songs, and a previously released EP.  I’m really enjoying the opening track, which is why I’ve included it below for your sampling pleasure.  You can grab the whole 9 Tracks for the NYOP, or you can be a collector and pick up the band’s work via cassette from their label Bleeding Gold Records.


Download: Aunt Sis – Charlie’s Imminent (But Scenic) Death [MP3]

Furrow is my Jam

10575140_727232720682711_5461754013417150931_oUgh. I’m really in a rock n’ roll mood as of late.  I’m just tired of the indie rock tropes, so I just want something I can turn up really loud…today it just happens to be Furrow.  The UK act have recently released their West Felton LP via Bleeding Gold Records, and this tune is probably one of my favorites.  Starting slow, it picks up pretty quickly with this fuzzy riff and bouncing drum beat; vocals are shouted our way with a bit of ferocity. It’s simple in the grand scheme of things, but often those are the things that blow me away the most.  Give this a whirl folks.

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Dreamy Girl Pop from Tape Waves

tw_letyougo_coverThe image on the cover of the new album from Tape Waves is quite fitting for their upcoming release, Let You Go.  It’s five palm trees stranded amidst a fairly cloudless sky. It’s an image that leans towards warm climes and ocean breezes, which is precisely what the latest single from the duo sounds like. There’s a casual bounce from the drums and pristine angular guitar work while Kim Weldin whispers melodious vocal atop it all.  You need tunes for your trip to the beach? Then be sure to grab this album from Bleeding Gold Records on July 28th.

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