Fresh Music from Space Heat

coverNow that summer heat and summer showers have made their way into Austin, I’m always looking for something that’s going to pique my interest beyond the average fare.  That’s precisely what happened when I got this new track from Space Heat, who’ve just released the brand new Happy Birthday EP via the reliable Bleeding Gold Records.  There’s a jangling aspect to the guitar work and a certain affectation of swinging about when you put this tune on your stereo.  The EP only has three tracks, and all offer something a bit different, though I think this is the tune that’s probably the most accessible for larger audiences.  Take a listen.


Download: Space Heat – Starsign [MP3]

Fresh Music from Bleeding Gold Records

furrowFeel like I should devote more time today to the work of Bleeding Gold Records, so I’ll post their other song from their announcements this week, too!  This number comes from Furrow, and it’s a little bit grittier, at least in regards to production.  The vocals/lyrics don’t offer much, as they seem more like distant chants, or shouting, but the way the guitar sounds really hooked me on this track.  The group is working on their new release, West Felton, and in the meantime they’ve offered up this great single, which I think a lot of people will really enjoy. Give it a go.


New Single from Sutja Gutierrez

artworks-000074777984-gl1dt8-t500x500While I am adamant that the current Austin scene is pretty rad, I also like to check in with other parts of the world to see what’s coming out of those regions, which is how I discovered this new song from Sutja Gutierrez.  He’s an artist from Spain who’s currently promoting Cult and Truth, his latest album.  This song is a well-produced piece of pop, relying upon electronic sounds to build a lasting melody.  The good news for you is that you don’t have to pay insane postal costs, as Bleeding Gold Records has decided to offer 100 copies of the LP, featuring really detailed cover work.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=false” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Sweet New Pop from Blanche as a Name

blancheFeel like it’s been a minute since I last heard the work of French group, Blanche as a Name, but today things are a-changing as they just released a really special new single, featuring the track below.  You’ll get sucked into the switch between the soft opening and the minimal explosion into pop bliss.  Admittedly, these sorts of songs aren’t for everyone’s ears, but you’ll find yourself tapping your toes softly, escaping your daily doldrums, albeit for just four brief moments.  You can pick up the single now from Bleeding Gold Records.

Catchy Pop from the Sweets

thesweetsYou’ve got to really catch on to North Carolina’s The Sweets; the band offers infectious pop music that gets stuck on repeat in your head all day long. The band has done several releases with Bleeding Gold Records, and they’ve got another new one that they just offered up this week.  This single has that natural swing that the band has offered up before, though the vocals are quiet in the mix; it reminds me of our local friends Shivery Shakes.  You can listen to the 4 song 7″ right now at the BANDCAMP, but I’ll also put up this jam for you to stream, as well as another one from February that you shouldn’t miss.

Here’s the old one off their February cassette:

Quick Track from Furrow

furrowFurrow is the latest band to join up with Bleeding Gold Records, and while their first big single might be rather short, time-wise, it’s definitely got me looking their way.  It comes out quick, with a distorted guitar that bounces and vibrates, while the vocals echo into the foreground.  Their first release is a limited cassette, which appears to already have sold out, due to the fact that this song is just so rad.  The cassette was titled A Field, and it’s so catchy, that I’ve been going back and playing this track over and over all day long.  It’s fun stuff, so you’ll enjoy.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=false” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Songs for Walter At It Again

songsforwalterSeems like it’s been a little bit since I’ve written about Songs for Walter; I suppose that blame lays with me.  Laurie Hulme, the prolific songwriter behind the name, has been releasing tunes at an ungodly speed in 2013, gearing up for his debut full-length.  This latest track is a non-album tune, which can only mean one of two things: 1) the record is going to be so good, this was a throw-away or 2) he just wanted to go a different direction on the debut.  Regardless, I always love the songwriting, right down to the way the guitar parts are carefully picked, string by string.  Thanks to Bleeding Gold for always supporting these acts with their on-going project!


Download: Songs For Walter – Nick’s Song [MP3]

More New Music from Alligator Indian

alligatorEarlier this summer we brought you the first single from Alligator Indian, so why not make it two for two by bringing you another hit from the band.  The band is working hard to build up their name before the release of their More Songs About Animals and TV EP, which is available on September 17th from Bleeding Gold Records.  This tune has a bit of a different approach, with a slow trotting tune that maintains a bit of the odd emotion, while still utilizing the group’s R&B influences.  There’s a haunting female vocal bursting throughout, only drawing more attention to the main vocals.  Hope you like this one too folks.


Download: Alligator Indian – Puff/Fin [MP3]

New Weirdo-Pop from Alligator Indian

Alligator-Indian-press-photoOccasionally, you’ve just got to mix things up to get yourself outside the confines of mainstream.  I think that’s precisely what the duo of Alligator Indian have accomplished with their blissful, yet oddball, songwriting.  The vocals are carefully draped over electronic beats that seem safer in a haunted house than anywhere else.  There are a few vocal bursts that provide an extra sensation of haunting as they soar high in the mix.  It might be a touch odd, but it’s definitely enjoyable.  You can find more such tracks on the group’s upcoming More Songs About Animals and TV EP, which comes out September 17th via Bleeding Gold Records.


Download: Alligator Indian – Corpsing [MP3]

Enjoy New Music by The Sweets

thesweetsIf there’s a harder working band out there, then I’d like to meet them.  The Sweets have just put out their 8th EP/Single of the last year (Some Pulp being my favorite), and these three new songs are definitely worth your time today.  At first, it seems like the band might jump off into sunny-pop, but they hold themselves back, letting the song unfold with a soothing vocal effect that floats in the distance.  There’s a few verses, and those are treated equally as gently.  If you like what you hear, then you can head HERE to grab the new EP from Bleeding Gold Records, who continue to amaze us with their consistency.


Download: The Sweets – He Is My Neighbor [MP3]

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