New Music from Oh Well Goodbye

Long ago my infatuation with Bleeding Gold Records led me to Oh Well Goodbye; the band brandished this lo-fi brand of post-punk that I found pretty intoxicating. Now the band are back with a new EP on horizon, and this sprawling darkened pop tune. The first couple of moments are built upon this brooding guitar line, angry in fashion, while breathy vocals bubble up beneath the surface of the murky mix. This much I expected, but the added element that elevates the group’s sound is the band’s willingness to explore the darker textures within the confines of their own music, hunting for those perfect notes to accent the swirling guitar lines. You’ll be able to find the band’s brand new EP on February 15th via EDILS Records.

Have a Listen to Guiding Light

Put our soap opera jokes aside, as Guiding Light mean business. Members of the band have a huge pedigree that would excite most fans, but I’ll let you find that info on your own, as the story should be this great track we’re sharing with you today. Think about the atmospheric soul of Spiritualized opening the track, stretching delicately across the song’s first 2 minutes. Then you’re immediately washed in noise and distortion, with just the faintest glimmer of vocals before the track settles back into its angelic exploration. The band is set to release their self-titled LP this Friday via Bleeding Gold, and it promises to be favored by the multitudes in search of spirituality in their music.


Hear a Brand New Track from Oh Well Goodbye

The last time we heard from Oh Well, Goodbye, they were releasing the very excellent Swoon 7″, and we’re really excited to share this new number with you. This song will feature on the group’s new EP, Affinity Part One. For me, the best thing about this new single is how deep the band delves into a beautiful darkness…there’s plenty of space hanging about, draped with unobtrusive bits of guitar and a bass line that guarantees tension. There’s just this enormous bit of space, and Phillip Rourke is there to fill it in with his voice, somewhat resembling Paul Banks. I love how things are just left open, left to your interpretation and your involvement. The new EP will be released by EDILS and Bleeding Gold on November 3rd, so you have time to acquaint yourself!


Stream the New EP from People/Talk

peepsStreaming albums is the perfect way for you to sample something you might not have heard, give it a once over, and make an educated consumer choice.  Thus, I’m bringing you this new EP from People/Talk.  The UK act originally began as So Sexual, but changed their name, possibly due to it’s overt Faint reference.  This new EP shows them developing their new wave sound further, pushing into larger pop territory.  Of course, this band might not have made it overseas if it weren’t for the hard work of the people at Bleeding Gold, who have released this EP on CD for your pleasure. Listen, enjoy, buy. Done.

New Dark Wave from Moses Gold

phillThose of you paying attention to the electronic scene might recognize Moses Gold, at least when you hear it’s the project of Phill Young; he’s one of the men behind Christian AIDS/Stay +.  He’s going it on his own these days, and he’s crafted this wonderfully dark bit of electronic pop music, featuring a vocal that’s both beautiful and haunting.  I don’t want to say that it wholly resembles Majical Cloudz, but it has the same sort of emotional effect, using electronics as a background from which Young can paint his songs. You can pick up his limited 12″ vinyl now from Bleeding Gold.

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Brand New Song from Songs for Walter

songsforwalterI’ve written tons of posts about Laurie Hulme and his project, Songs for Walter, but as long as he keeps writing really incredible folk pop tunes I won’t be turning my back from his work.  This latest song comes from the heart of Laurie, as his lyrics discuss the influence of his family meeting the changes that accompany young adulthood.  It features a steady drum beat to support the vocals and the banjo, leaving you with this emotionally pleasing pop ditty.  It was released digitally by Bleeding Gold, who have a nice little catalog you should visit.


Download: Songs for Walter – Competition, Diffidence and Glory [MP3]