Last Week’s Jams, Today (6.6 – 6.10)

Pretty busy week over at ATH, jammed out to bunches of bunches of tunes, plus did a nice little quick wrap-up of what’s going on in the Austin scene. Our friends Dummy continued their world domination with their great new single from Sub Pop, plus we got some new tracks from forever faves Slow Rosary, Alex Dupree and Scarves…not to mention a bunch of newer acts we’re starting to fall in love with, like Blue Cove and Cusp. Check out the jams and enjoy your Monday my friends.

Blue Cove Share Thrive Single

I’ve written about Chicago’s Blue Cove previously, and with another single floating out there, I wanted to be sure it got some love from me. This track begins with a really nice vocal working over a lightly strummed guitar, setting you up for the drop in around the 50 second mark. It’s here that the song transcends the opening and begins to churn the music into something more akin to the dreamier realms of pop music we found on their first single. Throughout, the vocals continue to wash against your speakers, constantly hitting you with those hazy notes that encourage your midweek daydreams.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (4.25 – 4.29)

There were some great new tunes last week, and I certainly can’t get enough of some of the LPs that dropped, which we pointed you towards on Friday. The Dehd track that hit last week is for sure one of their best of late, but I’m still really partial to jamming to that Guy Capecelatro III album. Some intriguing tunes from the likes of Maria Chiara Argiro, Team Play and Rose Mercie make a nice appearance in this weeks track-listing, plus there’s a bunch of other tunes to get you started on Monday morning.

Blue Cove Share Here You Come Single

Chicago’s music scene has definitely been a hot place to find some great tunes the last few months, and here we are with this new track from Blue Cove. The band currently operate in the dream pop realm, toying with the more boisterous brand once the song hits the 2 minute mark; it explodes, almost seeming to raise the volume as the jangling guitar lines burst through your speakers. They never seem to lose sight of the hook, which inevitably seems to revolve around Steph Nikolas’ vocals. They’ve had a bunch of tunes float out, so keep your eyes peeled for news on an official release any day.