Another Hook Laden Hit from Blush

It’s a shame that Blush are releasing their debut album this Friday. I only mean that in the sense that a month earlier and it would have been almost guaranteed a spot in many year-end lists, including my own. Opening with a casual bit of guitar, the song quickly seduces listeners with Maura’s vocal performance; she’s got this natural cool that just pours through your speakers…the sort of assured indifference made for rock stars. A sly little beach pop nod at the end, and the song is over, leaving you to seek out more…and you can have just that when the group release their self-titled LP Friday via Arrowhawk.

Melted Toys Offer Up New Jam

meltedThe days are growing warmer, so it’s time for us to all start preparing to get together some summer playlists; you’ve got to maximize the sun and the jams, right? This new single from Melted Toys has a sharp jangling guitar that rings in the background, though the coated vocals have this dreamy slur to their delivery.  It doesn’t hurt that there’s some electronic lasers shooting through the tune to offer up an extra bit of pep and peculiarity.  These lads will be releasing their self-titled album on July 15th courtesy of Underwater Peoples.  Get your boom box ready, it’s pool time!

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