The Boys with Perpetual Nervousness Share Unreleased Single

Way back in the day, I raved about the Boys with Perpetual Nervousness debut LP, Dead Calm; it featured the standout hit “Nervous Man,” which still gets constant play on my own playlists. Recently, the band have announced that they’re going to reissue the album, with a bunch of demos attached…and a bonus track that didn’t make the LP. The charming tune below was part of the Dead Calm recording session, but left off merely because the band wanted to keep the record to 10 tracks rather than 11…simple as that. It’s got crisp riffs and a steady bounce, all attributes that have made the group one of the best power-pop purveyors going these days. The deluxe edition of the LP will be out on September 13th via Bobo Integral.

Pop Filter Share Life Downstream

After releasing last year’s Cono, I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t expect to hear back from Pop Filter so soon. Every member of the group has various projects constantly in the works, so it’s great to see them back with a brand new single so soon. This go round, the band are locked into a steady groove that plays off light jangling guitar licks and a wobbling bit of keys that hang in the background. You’ll find the group playing with a bit more bite too, and you can hear the first glimpse when there’s a punching six seconds of guitar around the 1 minute mark; it sets you up for a full on rock n’ roll freakout that closes the track out. This track comes to you courtesy of Bobo Integral/Osborne Again.

Friday Album Streams: Motorists, Aluminum and More

This week doesn’t seem as nearly as crazy with releases as last week, and perhaps that’s a good thing, as you’ll get a moment to really dive into some great records that we’d like to turn your attention towards. Several Oakland area bands decided today was a good day to drop tracks (so good thing that Neutrals LP is out next week!), plus I threw in a new ambient collection from our friend Buildings and Food! Click on some stuff, see what you love. Couldn’t hurt!

MotoristsTouched by the Stuff (Bobo Integral)

AluminumFully Beat (Felte Records)

Yea-Ming and the RumoursI Can’t Have It All (Dandy Boy Records)

Buildings and FoodEcho the Field (Self-Released)

Motorists Share L.O.W. Video

While we thought we knew what to expect from Motorists, the band have been offering us a little something different, as you see here on their latest single. This one’s got some punchy riffs, almost like an early 90s alt rock motif, which keeps the pop sensibility from their earliest work, then ramps it all the way up to eleven. I mean, their specialty is delivering great hooks, and they don’t shy away from that even with a heavier wall of sound coming through my speakers; you can still hear the sugar as the track pitches this way and that. Another sign that we’re going to be in for a super-fun ride when they release Touched by the Stuff on May 24th. (Bobo Integral/We Are Time)

Motorists Share Call Control

If you kick your song off with a thumping groove you’re surely going to catch the ears of the audience, just like Motorists have done here. That motorik beat opening into swirling guitar noise before the vocals come in had me on board immediately…and then they drop in these casual group vocals that push in a bit of power pop sound. It’s an interesting plot twist, as the guitars, vocals and rhythm section all seem like they’re working from different musical angles, though tied together, you get this amalgam of effortless cool that seems to be the band’s area of expertise. Looking forward to hearing more off their new LP, Touched by the Stuff releases May 24th via Bobo Integral/We Are Time.

Motorists Announce Touched by the Stuff

I don’t know a single person in my circle that wasn’t in love with Motorists‘ 2021 LP, Surrounded, so expectations are high today as the group announce their brand new LP. While the last LP delved into a mixture between power-pop and proto-punk madness, it seems like this go round, things are a bit brighter, a bit sharper in sound. There adherence to big hooks and melody is still working within the first single, but that being said, I certainly feel like there’s more of a Oceanic influence on the guitar work…and obviously we’re all here for that. Soft vocals working within an environment of huge guitar sounds? Yep. Going to head off and grab Touched by the Stuff today. It drops on May 24th via We Are Time/Bobo Integral.

Pop Filter Share Fighting Spirit

One of the great things about being in Pop Filter is that the band’s armed with so many incredible songwriters, so their album’s are full of a tightly knit diversity. With “Heaven Sent,” the first single, you got an energetic punch of rock n’ roll swagger, but on their newest single they’re settling back into this expansive brand of glorious pop. Every note on the vocals hits perfectly , calmed and coo, with faint hints of soulful, aided by a gentle backing vocal. Perhaps it’s last night’s Nick Drake set, but the piano work adds a nice little texture too that’s thrilling inside. Don’t get me wrong, the track can still swell and feel rocking and rushed, but they’ve got enough experience to pull back in just the perfect spots, leaving you wanting more. Cono is out on December 1st via Bobo Integral.

Colored Lights Share Warm Jets

If you’re going to release one last single before your album drops, my advice is that you make it a banger, just like Colored Lights. While the song’s not an out and out rocker, there’s something in the production of the guitars here that drives the track; it feels like its got natural momentum that can’t be slowed; you can’t stop it. That said, the band manages to also craft a slight pop contrast, when the track switches to the makeshift chorus, letting Frode’s melodic vocals crest in the song’s middle. The band release their self-titled LP on Bobo Integral on September 22nd.

Colored Lights Share Ashes Single

You’d have to go back years and years to find out when I first feel for Frome Strostad’s songwriting; he first came to my attention with I Was a King, but has played with folks like Peter Buck of REM and Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub. After dropping a new I Was a King LP, he’s now focused on another project, Colored Lights. Today there’s a light folk pop jangler coming from the band, and I can’t help but to swoon at the gentle nature here; you feel as if you’re gently being caressed, like being lulled to sleep by a beautiful lullaby. The musicianship behind is perfect as well, texturizing the track so as to maximize every bend and jangle in the songwriting. Colored Lights release their self-titled LP on September 22nd via Bobo Integral.

Life Strike Share Whip Around Track

I love when I fall for a track that completely changes direction from earlier singles, like the newest tune from Life Strike. “Downwinders” and “Giving up the Ghost” both had this combination of punk urgency and jangling hooks, but “Whip Around” has this mood that seems like a meeting place between REM and the Replacements. There’s this maturity and use of patience in the development of the song’s space, allowing for the punch in each verse to really blow back on the listener. Whereas those early hits felt urgent, this one feels a touch more lax, like sitting on the beach waiting for the sea spray to wash across you. Peak Dystopia hits on July 14th via Bobo Integral.

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