Lachlan Denton Shares This Christmas

When Lachlan Denton lost his brother Zac (of Ocean Party fame) unexpectedly last year, he was overtaken by emotion; he did what he and his brother had been doing for a long long time…he penned some tunes to try and write his emotions out into the world. The first tune we’ve heard from the LP is “This Christmas,” which has me pretty damn near close to tears. In the lyrics you’ve got a brother promising to keep his brother’s memory alive, though that promise comes with the knowledge that those memories will also bring sadness. Musically, there’s this wonderfully gleaming guitar line; it twinkles and sparkles in the front of the mix, much like Zac when he was fronting OP. A Brother will be out on July 19th via Osborne Again/Spunk/Bobo Integral.

Fresh Pop from Blue Jeans

Love waking up and finding catchy ditties sitting in the old inbox, especially when it’s a group that’s already been on my radar for sometime, like Blue Jeans. The Michigan outfit are sort of scatterbrained, but always knocking about in the realms of indiepop…as they are with this new single. It’s got a nostalgic pop lean to it, though it’s woven through a light jangle and playful male/female vocal trade. It’s simplicity gives it this timelessness that listeners will keep coming back to, if they need a fill up on saccharine sweetness. Look for the groups new LP, Adult Hits to drop on Mary 17th via Bobo Integral.

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