Bops of the Week: July 5th – 9th

Here we are on another Monday, about halfway through the musical calendar, and while I should probably be working on one of those magically meaningless “Midway Best Of,” I feel like I’d be letting down our friends if we didn’t do our wrap-up of the goods from last week. Honestly, and I won’t throw out names, but there are some jams that would certainly make my best of the year list…one in particular. Can you guess it? Also, some of the new stuff by Love, Burns and Normil Hawaiians isn’t streaming, so I linked you to some of their other work you might enjoy. Mostly, it’s Monday, and I like to make this playlist for my friend Marc, so he doesn’t have to read anything and just gets music. Happy Monday folks!

Bobsled Team Share Can You Stay

It’s Friday release day, and one of those albums that drops is The Colours Blur from Belfast duo Bobsled Team. Listening through, you get the sense that the band have definitely been stepping in line with the recent dream pop vibes sweeping the indiesphere. But, what I like in their craft is the way they kind of add this new old level, something they ascribe to Sonic Youth, but to me feels like Broken Social Scene. There’s this joyous vibrancy that combines melody and wildness, particularly when you get to this song’s chorus. It’s definitely a sound that has me ready to spend this rainy morning listening to The Colours Blur on repeat.