This Is Lorelei Shares Where’s Your Love Now

While I’m sure folks already have a lot of records penciled in for year-end awards, one that maybe wasn’t on my list that’s risen up there pretty quickly is Nate Amos’ This Is Lorelei project. There’s something to be said for just writing damned good songs, absent of excessive frills and genre trappings. This new track offers up this striking sincerity, and while there clearly are some arrangement pieces built in, you could easily hear Amos singing this song to a quieted room, casting his magical spell over them all. You likely won’t be able to pull yourself from the emotive detailing here, and that bodes well, as this is the third single with such power from Box for Buddy, Box for Star; the record drops on June 14th via Double Double Whammy.

This Is Lorelei Share I’m All Fucked Up

Box for Buddy, Box for Star should certainly be on your radar as a pop rock masterpiece to jumpstart your summer, and today, you get to hear another tune from This Is Lorelei. There’s something in the song that seems to adapt to more traditional pop rock fare, with a driving rhythm that pushes the song along as a heavy strum holds it up with support. Two distinctive vocals run through the tune, with a heavier storyteller working the narrative of the verses; the chorus offers a softer tone to sprinkle in just a bit of gentle quality that soothes the whole of the track. The new LP drops on June 14th via Double Double Whammy.

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