Deuce Share Breathe + Announce Wild Type

Back in 2021, our friends in Australia reached out with news of Deuce, a new project of Curtis from Pop Filter (amongst other acts) and his partner Kayleigh. I really enjoyed our entry into their musical realm, so we’ve been stoked to know a new LP was on the horizon, and it seems that day’s almost here. Today the band officially announce Wild Type, with a brand new single to dive into right now. Clearly this track’s all about setting up Kayleigh’s vocals; the musical vessel has this matured pop vibe to it, filtering glittery guitars and layers of horn to create this broad expanse. Personally, the message definitely hits here too, reminding us to just take a breath, let the world come to you; you can afford to be patient and wait for the until “the air is easier now.” Wild Type will come in full this April.

Lunar Isles Share Breathe

Lunar Isles is the moniker of David Skimming, a Scot in South Korea crafting some delicious dreamy pop tunes you’re going to want on your radar. Earlier this year he dropped Tides, his debut LP, and we just got Mirror Shapes this past Friday. We wanted to focus on the standout, “Breathe,” as I fell in love with the guitar lines here; it sets up this openness that allows for a gentle floating vocal to cruise across the song’s entirety. If you’re looking for something just on the cusp of jangle, flirting with pop all the way through, then go give this jam a listen, or dive all the way into the new LP.

Pleased to Meet You: Glimmer

Our friend Jeff from Dead Stars recently undertook a new project named Glimmer, just like many artists during the pandemic. Today we get our first listen to the project, and of course, it features these heavily fuzzed out guitar riffs, with Jeff’s voice remaining central to the natural melody rising from the tune itself. In a way, it sounds a lot like Dinosaur Jr, balancing noisy riffage and melodic tendencies, so I’m sure that we’re all going to appreciate what’s coming through our speakers, as its a pretty timeless sound. All of the recording was done in his new home up in New Paltz, NY after he moved away from Brooklyn, so let’s hope we get to hear more from Glimmer, sooner rather than later!

New Club 8 Hit

Not only are we Labrador Records fans, but we’re also huge fans of Club 8. They just dropped this darkened electronic gem to announce their brand new album Golden Island. For the most part, this number takes on more of an atmospheric vibe than the band has presented before, with the vocals coming across almost as carefully exerted breaths in the front of the mix. The song’s construction and minimalism illustrate that the group can work on varying levels, not just hitting you over the head infectious pop; this is pop music for those that think. Look for the new record in early 2018!

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