Paul Thomas Saunders Shares Cruel

Brighton based artist Paul Thomas Saunders has really altered and molded my musical tastes over the last few months with the new singles he’s been releasing. As one who usually gravitates towards louder, guitar and bass focused sounds, Saunders has thrown me for a loop with his slower, melodic and sometimes broodier take on songwriting. His latest single, “Cruel”, is a track that can take you on a sort of rollercoaster of emotion through joy, happiness and back again to simply relief. These songs are truly stunning and powerful examples of the emotional impact a songwriter can have on us all.

Saunders will release his new album Figure in a Landscape on October 21st via 7476 Records. Pre-orders are live now.


Video Premiere: Fujiya & Miyagi Drop New Body Language

Brighton based Fujiya & Miyagi is simply one of the most well known names in the indie electronic pop game, having started their musical career over twenty years ago. Nathan and I have really been seeing the tunes coming out this year as a welcome return to the band’s engaging, dance pop ways. So naturally we were thrilled and excited when asked to premiere this new single with accompanying video for “New Body Language”. This, sure to be on your weekend party mix, song will be the last track released before new album Slight Variations is released on Friday. Pre-orders are currently live for digital and physical releases of the LP.

Here’s some words from David Best on both the track and the video:

Track: “New body Language is probably the most instant and accessible song on the record. We took a lot of our current listening habits and put them in a blender till it turned out like us.”

Video: “The video Bob Brown & I made plays with the idea of perception. How we appear to ourselves is generally not how we are perceived by others.”

Enchanting New Single From Paul Thomas Saunders

Brighton based artist Paul Thomas Saunders really made a name for himself back in 2014 with the release of his debut album Beautiful Desolation, but despite a few singles in 2017, he took a complete hiatus from music. Today fans of Saunders were treated to an unlikely new single and the announcement of his sophomore album, just eight years in the making. When you are dormant for so long, it’s going to take something hauntingly beautiful like this new single “Bloodlust” to really re-announce yourself into the music world. What an incredible way to come back. Welcome back sir.

The sophomore release from Paul Thomas Saunders, Figure in a Landscape, will be out October 21st via 7476 Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Playful Pop Tune From Nancy

Brighton based artist NANCY really hit the ATH pages a couple of years ago with the artful and quirky pop release of the EP, Happy Oddities. After the EP, NANCY also dropped a “mini-LP” last year, to much fanfare from most of the biggest music publications out there. While most have been focused on some of the bigger things going on in the music world today, I was a little giddy when I saw a new LP announcement from NANCY along with the drop of this new single “Judy”. It’s straight up just a near perfect indie pop song worthy of a whole bunch of repeat listens. Check it out below.

Blame Recordings will be releasing the official debut LP from NANCY, entitled English Teacher, on October 28th.


Ciel Deliver Another Ripper

Brighton based outfit CIEL picked up some steam in the Spring of this year with a new single and vague details of a new EP on the horizon. Today we have more concrete details of the new EP, Not in the Sun, Nor in the Dark, with an accompanying new single to boot. I think you’ll find “Baby Don’t You Know” features this hazy, dream pop, almost shoegaze inspiration but with a downright sick grit and edge that you simply don’t find often in the genre. You will love it.

New EP Not in the Sun, Nor in the Dark will drop on October 7th via Jazz Life.


Beachtape Return with Speakn

Brighton’s Beachtape made some waves with their Bigger Picture EP, and they look to pick up where that left off, as can be witnessed by the growing view count on their latest single. I’m indifferent to the hype, but I love this classic guitar pop sound, with the band admitting that they might have been “listening to too much Grandaddy at the time.” It’s crunchy in the right spots, and the vocals stretch to the high notes, all of it to come crashing down in this perfect shred at the 2.5 minute mark, or thereabouts. This tune appears on the group’s forthcoming LP, so we’ll keep you informed as we hear more about it!

CIEL Share Fine Everything

CIEL share their new track this week, and with that, they’ve announced a new EP on the horizon…but if you’re listening closely, you’ll also notice a more direct punch to their sound. This track doesn’t feel shrouded in that borderline territory between post-punk and dream pop; it’s a straight ahead ripper, albeit one punctuated by this incredible rhythmic pulse that helps cast the song’s hook deep inside your brain. They’re still hitting you with a nice bit of noise, but they’re not shying away from tying it in with melody and classic pop sensibility. This is our first taste, but already we’re thirsting for more from the Brighton bunch.

Hollow Hand Drop New Single

It is a bright, sunny day here in Austin, TX with many of us on vacation, or at the very least, putting in short days as we wind down a brief week. Though he isn’t exactly from the land of sunny mornings, Brighton based Max Kinghorn-Mills, under his recording moniker Hollow Hand, has the perfect new tune for clear skies and hopeful days. His latest, “One Last Summer”, features a sort of folk inspired pop sound harkening back to say CSNY but with more modern Americana vibes like Fruit Bats. Hopefully it brightens your morning.

Kinghorn-Mills reports that this track is the first taste of a new LP in the works. No release date as of yet.

Penelope Isles Deliver Another Hit

The Brighton based brother/sister songwriting duo Penelope Isles have long been a running favorite around the ATH offices, so naturally we are incredibly excited for their upcoming album. Hopefully you will share in our excitement with the band’s latest single entitled “Terrified” found below. For me, these new singles, and this new album, truly show a band growing into their sound with more pop sounds blended in with their already dreamy, sort of shoe gazy, indie rock vibe. This will likely be near the top of our year end lists.

Penelope Isles will release new album Which Way to Happy on November 5th via Bella Union. Pre-orders are live now.

Public Body Share Formica Single

There’s something in the water today down in Brighton, with this new track from Public Body being our second offering from the city today! This group is both exciting fun, seemingly crafting their own post-punk recipe with influences from the likes of Devo to Parquet Courts…and probably bits and pieces of everything in between. It’s the sort of tune that immediately feels like your thrust into the live setting, pogoing about with a huge shit-eating grin strung upon your face, looking around, and everyone feels the same…its a communal joyous rapture…and we’re grateful Public Body have provided. The group will be dropping their Flavour of Labour EP this December.

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