Alternative Milks Share Shops

Bristol based band Alternative Milks are relatively new to the music scene, but surely a group you will be hearing a ton more about this fall. Most of their music would fall into the genre of post-punk, though after a listen to this new single, “Shops”, you’ll see why the band sort of defies general classification. With an inspiration from punk, or post punk, Alternative Milks take the somewhat tired genre and offer these small hints of pop music and a little playfulness to really make the song enjoyable to all music lovers. You’ll find “Shops” to be a tad silly but also fun as hell.

Raucous New Single From Home Counties

Bristol based band Home Counties may be a new name to you, though you likely knew them under their old moniker Haze. Now with a new name, the guys are debuting this ferocious and electrifying new single called “Redevelopment”. It features a nice melting pot of genres, seeing elements of jerky late 80s bands intertwined well with a more post-punk sound. Whatever label you want to slap on their sound, you have to admit that it is a truly unique and refreshing style. Stay tuned on more from these guys in the future as they release more music.

Another Pop Ditty from Pet Shimmers

Bristol outfit Pet Shimmers are crafting some sort of new-age pop fuckstorm; they’re taking the standard format and warping and twisting it around the backbone established by lead maestro, Oliver Wilde. Their sounds definitely are reminiscent of the sort of mish-mash of folk and bedroom pop; it sounds like the madness inside the caverns of one’s mind, but it’s being crafted and developed by a seven-piece pop outfit. I’ve been really impressed with their debut LP Face Down in Meta, and I think it’s going to sneak onto some people’s radars once they complete their tour with Sandy (Alex G); the album drops next Friday!

Digging Pet Shimmers Pop Vibes

I’m totally in love with this brand new track from Pet Shimmers, the UK act who’ve just announced their debut Face Down in Meta. The song began almost immediately, and I was hooked right there. At first, it sort of sounded like a fuzzy indiepop song, which, of course, had my interest. But, as the song unfolded, the fuzz layer began to feel more like a gloss that coated the song, akin to something you’d hear on a Radio Dept. LP. So there it is, imagine a youthful vibrancy spun through the lens of cloudy pop purveyors and you’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for all your life. Face Down in Meta will be out on January 31st.

Slonk Added to Art Is Hard Postcard Series

Every month I anxiously await the release of a new single from Art Is Hard for their Postcard Series. Today, the released September’s single from Slonk. This number has more of a folk vibe to it, especially when it comes to the swelling chorus. I’m really digging the vocals too, as they remind me a lot of Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, taking on a slight rasp that sounds like its coming deep from within the soul. The Postcard Series is great, so if you’re into that, grab it HERE.