New Slow Jam from Beacon

Seeing as I’m doing work on Sunday with cooling weather and a rain-soaked yard, I feel like this new jam from Beacon warrants your attention.  While a great deal of the work I’ve heard from these guys is a little bit harder-hitting, I really appreciate the way this track unfolds. Electronic elements have a definite pulse, though they slowly unfold here, rising briefly at times, then retreating to their minimal status in the track.  Those looking for a chilled out tune will find solace in this number, which is one of the featured tracks on the band’s For Now EP.


Download:Beacon – Safety’s Off [MP3]

Warm Pop from Earth First

One of my recent discoveries has been Cloudberry Records, who seem to be the perfect purveyors of fine indie-pop.  I’ve highlighted some gems by them already, and here’s another release from Earth First that you can get your hands on now! The group is a Brooklyn based act, though they sound nothing like what the city is known for at the moment…and I mean that as a compliment.  I love the warmth of the vocals, and the cascading jangling guitars that fill the background of the track.  If you love indie pop, go grab the latest 7″ from the band.


Download:Earth First – To The Night [MP3]

Introducing Our Guys

I just a heads up about this new project going down in Brooklyn called Our Guys.  The music is really new and is reminiscent of the fine tunes created by Grizzly Bear with their mellow beats and soothing vocal harmonies.  Word from the band is that they are currently recording their debut full length in Brooklyn that does not yet have a release date.  Until we get word on that, enjoy the tune “Famous Last Words” we have for you below and also check out a 3 song EP currently streaming over on the group’s bandcamp site.  I think you’ll rather enjoy it.


Download: Our Guys – Famous Last Words [MP3]

Interesting Folk Tunes from Edmund II

Usually I skim press releases, hoping something sticks out to grab my attention.  In the case of Edmund II, the words Guided By Voices, Ted Leo and Promise Ring stuck out…I’m a sucker for all those bands.  But, in all honesty, listening to the record (it’s out now), Floating Monk, I didn’t really get all that.  I did, however, find some folk music that will be staying with me for some time to come. I love the way Edmund plays guitar on these tracks, and the accompaniment (also Edmund) isn’t too shabby either.  It definitely makes for a quieted listening experience one will enjoy in the solitude of their own bedroom.


Download:Edmund II – Golden Lung [MP3]

Chill New Tunes from Soltero

I’ve been looking for something just like this new tune from Soltero for a couple of weeks now.  The Brooklyn group just released their new album, 1943, and it’s full of some ridiculously good songs that I can’t stop playing over and over. For me, my first hook was the similarities to the delivery and the writing style of D. Berman of Silver Jews, but there’s a bit more of a mellow jangle going on in these tunes.  This song starts off slow for a few seconds, but just wait until it delivers the subtle hooks that made me fall in love with this new album.


Download:Soltero – Rescue [MP3]

More New Tunes from Leland Sundries

Are you tired of me talking about Leland Sundries and their Foundry EP yet? Well, I’ve almost covered all the tunes on the site, so maybe this will be the last time (I’m not making any promises).  Nick Loss-Eaton has a great way with matter-of-fact storytelling and vocal delivery, which makes a song like this both interesting and attractive to listeners.  It’s a bit in the vein of Americana, but for the most part, it’s got a steady little country chug to it…although I’ll admit it’s probably one of the most upbeat tracks on the EP.  I don’t care if it’s just me, these dudes have something going.


Download:Leland Sundries – Giving Up Redheads [MP3]

New Slow Jam from Leland Sundries

Brooklyn’s Leland Sundries have just put out their Foundry EP, and we’ve got another new track from the effort to offer you up today.  For the most part, the song centers around a nicely strummed guitar, with a deep-toned vocal coming your way.  Apparently the song references a fire in Brooklyn in 2006, so it’s definitely had time to germinate with band leader Nick Loss Eaton.  Let’ this track sink in for a bit, and you’ll soon join us in singing the praise for Leland Sundries–another Brooklyn band with a really bright future.


Download:Leland Sundries – Monitor Arms [MP3]

Mellow Jam from Leland Sundries

It’s been a slow week for the heavier set of rock n’ roll, but when you get tracks like this new one from Leland Sundries, you can’t really complain.  This Brooklyn group is set to release their The Foundry EP on February 21st, and we’ll be lucky if it all sounds as delicious as this jam.  For the most part, the music is subdued, gently strummed guitar, but the vocal style has a relaxed approach that recalls, for me, a calmed Stephen Malkmus.  Let’s hope this band gets the respect they clearly reserve as their EP hits the streets.


Download:Leland Sundries – Apparition [MP3]

Happening Little Number from the Denzels

I read about the Denzels awhile back via OTRM, and when I checked back in again with them, I was happy to see that the group has just released a nice little two song EP titled Easy Tiger for our enjoyment.  As the song slowly walks you in, you’ll find the pure joy of the swagger that kicks in around the twenty second mark.  From here on out, it’s sort of a poppier-tinged twist on the Cali psych rock we all adore. The second track on the EP definitely is just as promising, so be sure to check in on the band if you dig the track below.


Download: The Denzels – Black Girls [MP3]

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