Last Week’s Jams, Today!

Ray and I go back to work full-time, kids and all, so let’s start off our first real week of work with last week’s sweet sweet jams. It’s just an easy way to ease into your Monday with a look back at what you might have missed had you not been glued to our site! We’re all over the place with new stuff from Suuns and the Shivas, plus some Austin love as always by including the latest from TC Superstar, Nolan Potter, Brother Sports and a tune off the new Alexalone LP…so browse, enjoy, tell your friends. Or don’t. Who needs that pressure on Monday?

Brother Sports Share Won’t See You Again

Having released their iii EP at the tail-end of December, Austin’s Brother Sports return with a surprisingly uplifting song about dealing with grief. Opening with this sort of ghostly surf feel, it quickly jumps right into this Strokes meets Growlers garage rocker, tapping your toes all along the way. In contrast to the joyous feel, the song’s lyrics deal with how sometimes you just never get over grief, and I guess sometimes it just grows with you. I think for me, with that message and the music, you just have to take it in stride, realize we’re only here a short time, and carry that grief like you would carry joy, just as a piece of the puzzle that makes up your being. Or, of course, you can just enjoy a good pop rock number as it is!

Brother Sports Back with Dry Eyes

Lockdowns and quarantines have really pushed Austin’s Brother Sports into high gear; they continue to release jam after jam, with their iii EP, just dropping in this past week. One of my favorite tunes is “Dry Eyes,” which kind of has this sort of low-energy Strokes feel to it, if that makes sense. In my ear, it kind of takes that deep throated vocal charm, working it over some sharp notes that have this dreamier swagger in a slow-burn sort of way. Just seems like the band have a handful of infectious tunes up their sleeve at every turn, so I’m game to listen, and hope you are too!

Brother Sports Share Modern Days

Not going to lie; I think Brother Sports are one of my favorite Austin acts of the moment. They’ve got this genre-bending craftsmanship, for instance, harkening on a sort of garage sound, but melding it with these bobbing pop grooves. I love the way the guitar line in this song seems to kind of tickle you under the chin, popping up beneath the front of the mix to give off just the slightest dance floor stomp. They choose to close it out with this dreamy little space-aged feel, though need steering too far from the hook. Just keep on keeping on with these hits my friends.

New Stuff from Austin w/ Brother Sports + Sailor Poon

Just because its quarantine, it doesn’t mean folks aren’t working on great music all over the world, but let’s focus on what’s here at home on our end. First up is the newest tune from Brother Sports; we’ve been covering a bunch of their singles in 2020, and they do it again, with sort of slow burning pop tune, coated lyrics and nice backing melodies. I don’t think this track would be out of place on that new Strokes record at all.

After that, we’ve got the debut album from Sailor Poon. They’ve been regarded, deservingly so, as one of Austin’s can’t miss acts for the last several years, putting on phenomenal live shows and carrying an aura of indifference and brashness that puts many punk peers to shame. Finally we get Sailor Poon’s First Album, and its 13 can’t miss hits by one of the baddest bands in town.

One More From Brother Sports

Nathan and I have become big fans of local boys Brother Sports as they’ve released quite a bit of new music over the last couple of months. As we continue to hype up our new found band, here is yet another single from the group called “Mala”. For me, this is what I was hoping the new Strokes record might sound like (but didn’t). They take that guitar driven sound and throw in just a bit of grit and raw energy to create a truly special offering from a local act. Word on the street is Brother Sports will be dropping a new EP sometime next month.

Brother Sports Share Distractions

Let’s start Friday off with a catchy little tune from one of our favorite Austin acts, Brother Sports; you’ve gotta keep it local in times like these, rights? Musically, you’ll find the band offering up a nice blend between the Growlers and the Strokes; it’s all about the sharp stab of the guitar lines to really drive the song’s energy forwards. You’ll find that surfy semi-growl in the vocals, holding tight to some garage rock tendencies while still offering up a healthy dose of pop sensibility. I feel like we all could use some solid distractions in our life, so why not start today with a tune titled “Distractions!”

More From Brother Sports

If you weren’t aware and trying to hate, the ATX music scene is still very much alive and well with new music coming out all the time. My evidence of the vibrant scene comes today from locals brother sports and their new track “I Still Remember (siempre)”. I like the relaxed, cool vibe of the song which plays nicely with the infectious beat and hazy themes. It seems as though we better start paying attention to this up and coming band as they continue to put out solid new music.

New Track from Brother Sports

Just as I was dropping a note on what was cool in Austin, Brother Sports snuck in behind me and dropped this great little tune on Friday. The vocals sort of remind me of the Growlers, sort of that wayward casual cool. But, musically, they’re off in their own world, blending these dreamy guitar notes with a heavy rhythm; I love how there’s this guitar line that seems to sort of ride across the track rather than just get played…you’ll have to listen to hear what I hear. Be sure you stick around beyond 3 minutes because they break things down, hammering their sound in your ear as they reach some psychedelic breakdown to close the track out. Another day, another rad tune in Austin.