Top Albums of 2021

Honestly, I’m pretty over lists at this point. They’re arbitrary and don’t really reflect anything but someone’s tastes, except here where they reflect the tastes of three individuals…because that’s how we roll. So, take this list with a grain of salt. These are the records we thought were the best, which mostly just means these are the ones we listened to on repeat throughout the year! Feel free to leave a comment on what you think we missed, or why we’re dumb; we love good comment trolls.

Also, because this list is really about crediting the art that made us happy, we wanted it to make you happy too, so we included purchasing links where we could. Read more

Buffet Lunch Share Cheeks Video

Fresh off the release of their stunning The Power of Rocks LP, Scottish outfit Buffet Lunch have returned with their brand new 7″, and today we get a video for the A-Side! I love how this entire 7″ is exploring the weirder elements of the band’s sound; the more skronk and textured side if you will. It’s just taking that sort of post-punk brand and getting a little weirder, which we need. Plus, speaking of strange, take a moment to marvel at the incredible video; it’s all combined with the pop-centric cacophony swirls about in attempt to warp your brain…in the best of ways of course! The new 7″ is available today from Upset the Rhythm!

Buffet Lunch Announce New 7″ on Upset the Rhythm

Scottish outfit Buffet Lunch already released a banger of an album this past May with the Power of Rocks, but they’re back a few months later with a new 7″ for Upset the Rhythm. Today we’ve got the B-side to that 7″, and while there’s the obvious off-kilter jittering from the band’s work, the voice of the song comes from collaborator Jayne Dent of Me Lost Me. Her voice seems to operate as some sort musical ringmaster amidst the band’s clever musical circus; it’s such a striking performance against the dreary backdrop that I rushed over to listen to more of Dent’s work. It’s an interesting little nugget from a young band that we hope to hear more from in 2022. The 7″ drops on November 5th, order it HERE.

Buffet Lunch Share Bladderwrack Video

Continuing to ride that Buffet Lunch train, with the Scottish outfit only a few short weeks away from the release of The Power of Rocks. The guitar licks on this tune seem to roll in like the accompanying waves of the video (an ode to Coldplay!), though Perry O’Bray’s vocal delivery helps to take those rolling angles and give them a bit of emphatic stomp. Then, the band open up the space in the song, filling it with little bits of electronics and wood blocks to give the tune its patented wonkiness…not to mention the additional backing vocals in their sort of robotic indifference. Every corner of this record sounds great; its out on May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Said Bernie Single

One of the records I’m really looking forward to hearing is the Power of Rocks, the debut LP from Buffet Lunch. Today with their new single, they continue their scattered pop brand, kind of like carnival post-punk. The song operates with these chords falling like rocks from a cliff, while the rhythm section creates this stuttering gallop; the vocals at the start kind of recall Television Personalities moments too, all before becoming frantic! Plus, I love the lyrical approach, with the song written from the perspective of Bernie, a man singer Perry read about who wrote a letter a day to his local newspaper. Seriously, you should be listening to this band. The Power of Rocks is out on May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Pebbledash Video

Honestly, there aren’t a lot of acts like Buffet Lunch, and at the end of the day, that’s the least refreshing thing about them. The Scottish outfit, skitters in with the jittering angular guitar riffs and off-kilter percussive elements, allowing the vocals to seemingly play vocal hopscotch atop all the various musical elements. At times, it feels like the vocals are there to accent the instruments, or perhaps it is the other way around…all the same it sounds simultaneously explosive and cohesive, like containing artful TNT in a nice pop bubble. The thematic reference is about out of touch politicians, and though it’s primarily focused on Britain, I’m pretty sure we can all relate, sadly. This tune appears on The Power of Rocks, out May 7th via Upset the Rhythm.

Buffet Lunch Share Red Apple Happiness

It’s strange that as the world clamors for more of the same, I’m just drawn to these voices and performances that seem to be isolated out there in the world. Take this new Buffet Lunch jam, for instance. Going through my email, I can see a dozen other bands playing in the same ballpark, but they’re speeding around the bases, dropping that formulaic not quite post-punk…and it’s, well, it’s fine. But, here comes a band that just seem to toy with the formula, they’re deconstructing the standard notions of the genre. For one, the pace is a bit like a stutter, or an askew hop-along. The vocals have this punch in the front syllable, but often get pulled back to reveal the curl of pop sensibility the band bring to the table. Don’t even get me started on the squawk of the horns and that jittery guitar line here and there. Makes sense that the band would find a home for their LP, The Power of Rocks, over on Upset the Rhythm. It drops on May 7th.