New Southern Punk From Natural Child

Nashville southern punk rockers Natural Child have been favorites of the crew around the ATH offices since the release of their LP For The Love of the Game earlier this year.  Well now the band already has new album details coming our way today with news of second LP this year Hard In Heaven coming out way September 11th on Burger Records.  A preview of the new album can be found below in the form of new single “B$ig P$mpin”.  It’s just what you’d expect from the band, fast and furious indie punk with a touch of their native state’s souther rock.


Download: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N [MP3]

New(ish) Jam from The Tough Shits

Please don’t let the name here mislead you, these dudes aren’t nearly as tough as the name would indicate! That being said, you should listen to them to figure out precisely why, and if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a solid bouncy track from The Tough Shits.  The group recently released their self-titled debut on Burger Records; it’s full of bouncy janglers and pop ditties with just a hint of a “tough” edge.  These are the sort of tracks I can 100% stand beind, so if you need something fun and spirited, then you get behind these guys right now!


Download: The Tough Shits – Birds (Don’t Get Tired of Flying) [MP3]


New Country-Tinged Jam from Natural Child

The offices over at ATH have been really crazy lately, so when we stumble across a truly fun track, we’ve got to throw it in the mix!  I’ve spent the last few days jamming to this track from Natural Child, the newest sensation out of Nashville. The group will be dropping their new LP, For the Love of the Game, on April 20th via Burger Records, just before heading out on the road with our favorite Hunx and his Punx (including an Austin date on 4/18). This almost has a bluesy-feel to it, which is no surprise coming from Tennessee, but it’s got just the right amount of garage grit to make it a stomping tune we can all get behind, right? Buen proveche.


Download:Natural Child – Ain’t Gonna Stop [MP3]

Nice Bit of Dream Pop from Summer Twins

When you hear about two sisters singing together, you wanna be sure it doesn’t fall into the kitsch category.  Luckily, for the Brown sisters this is not the case for Summer Twins, who’ve just released their debut self-titled album on Burger Records. Seeing as the group hails from California, you’ll see some obvious sunny influences or likenesses.  Personally, I see the resemblance, but the vocals sound eerily like Zoey D.  It’s beneficial, as it gives the track a bit of clarity and brightness in contrast to the areas where we usually find a bit of hazy atmospherics, or as I like to call it: the indie auto-tune. Give this song a chance.


Download:Summer Twins – I Don’t Care [MP3]

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