Dreamy Pop Tune from Trementina (SXSW Artist)

Trementina has two things going for them at the moment: they’re from Chile (a place I long to visit) and they craft beautifully simple dream pop. The band claim they aim to influence lucid dreaming, using the rain drenched backdrop of their home to draft atmospheric touches into their music. I love the way this song fades away in the middle of the song, only to slowly reemerge with the samples sputtering back into your ears. Luckily for me, the group will bound over national borders to make their way to Austin for a few SXSW dates, celebrating the release of their new album, 810, via Burger Records on March 24th.

New Music from Cotillon

A few years ago I was introduced to the music of Cotillon, so I’m happy to see that Jordan Corso’s project is back up and at it with a new LP on the way. The first minute has a pretty solemn tone, with Corso mostly working his vocals atop light musical accompaniment. After that, the emotional darkness still remains, though there’s add percussive elements and slight atmospheric feedback lurking. There’s a slight change in the tone of the voice during what I perceive as the chorus, adding an extra touch that makes me smile. Look for the new LP, The Afternoons come this April via Burger Records.

You Can’t Ignore This Tobin Sprout Track

It would be easy to dismiss Tobin Sprout, not on the lack of great songs, but just as the other guy in Robert Pollard’s band. But, this brand new single is pretty brilliant, and has me yearning for a more innocent period of rock n’ roll, void of my meaningless words. It’s built around a plodding piano backbone, though I must say that I think Sprout’s vocals are what ultimately make this song so successful. Lyrically Tobin’s looking back on his own life, but he could be writing about McDonald’s for all I care, as this song’s just stupendous. Look for it on his new album, The Universe and Me, out on January 27th via Burger Records.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Hundred Visions

Hundred VisionsEarlier this week we caught wind that local Austin act Hundred Visions would be releasing some brand new tunes; I was salivating…and dare I say this is better than I expected. At first, the band seemingly trudges through familiar territory bending guitars nice with vocals drawn out atop the mix. But, hold on because they refuse to settle for the same old story, blasting off into a riotous mix of punk that jumps right into your ears! They go back and forth throughout, jolting you back and forth the whole way. They’ve got a new tape titled Brutal Pueblo coming out next week via Burger Records.

How Are You, Haunted Tiger

hauntedThe end of the year brings some trying times for us blogger types…you’ve got to really hunt for gems, and then work on those highly important arbitrary lists. So in my hunt, I came across this delightful tune from Haunted Tiger. It’s a relaxed bit of dark pop, almost in the vein of a modern spaghetti western. I think one of the facets of this track that make it so successful is it’s usage of patience…one can easily see how a track like this could be rushed in some fashion…an increase in tempo per se, but the restraint is spot on. The group are releasing a special Halloween tape via Burger Records, so head over there to grab it.

Fresh Single from Elephant Stone

elephantIt’s really interesting watching a band, such as Elephant Stone, progress through their various albums. In the beginning, it was easy to typify them as a purely psychedelic act, but this new single seems to indicate that the band has continued to progress throughout their releases; I feel like this one takes a more pop-centric exploration of the acid-house of late 90s Britain. It’s got a great melody, but often times it’s purposefully obscured by slicing guitars, vocal samples and synth washes. This single appears on the group’s new record Ship of Fools, which sees a digital release in September and a physical LP via Burger Records in November.

Slacker Rock From Gap Dream

unnamed (1)Wasn’t I just saying something this morning about how impressive Burger Records has become with picking up new talent and sharing their music with the world? Well they are at it again in a short span of a few hours with this new single and album from previously ATH approved band Gap Dream. The tune is a meandering bit of slacker style indie rock music with an entrancing little guitar diddy carried on throughout the song. Carry on dude.

New album This is Gap Dream will be out on July 22nd via Burger Records.

Brighten Your Monday With Pink Mexico

unnamed-29-1-690x690It’s obvious at this point that when a band signs to Burger Records out of NYC they are going to be of the highest quality. This is yet again proven by the recent signing of Pink Mexico and the debut of their new single “Forgetting Everything”. I can assure you that this song will make even the dullest of Mondays a little bit brighter and full of life. Anyone else hearing a bit of a Tiger Waves comparison here?

Burger Records will release the new Pink Mexico album entitled Fool on June 24th.

New Music from Tomorrows Tulips

tomorrows_tulips_-_indy_rock_royalty_comb_cover__sm_3Been a weird few days for me, which is where this new track from Tomorrows Tulips fits into my world. It’s simple in about every possible way; the guitar just hangs out there, meandering through your speakers, vocals dripped atop the mix and percussion just plodding along. Still, something about it found its way into my mind, and I loved the band’s last full-length effort, so I’m interested to see where the rest of their forthcoming iNdy rock royalty comb ep goes. It’s being released by Burger Records, and doesn’t hurt that Calvin Johnson recorded it, so grab it HERE.

More Great Pop from Adult Books

adultsWe’ve got two great announcements! One, Adult Books will be appearing at our ATH Takes Over Nomad Party on March 15th (at the Nomad). Two, the band has another great single to share with you. Honestly, this is one of my favorite new pop acts, and Running from the Blowsis great, from first track to the last. There’s a little bit of a bounce in this track, and just the slightest wash on the vocals, all swept high into your ears by a delightful synth line. Pretty sure that March 4th can’t come soon enough for you, or us for that matter. Look for the LP via Lolipop and Burger Records.

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