The Donnas + Real Gone Music

As many of you maybe waited in ridiculously long lines on Saturday for your Record Store Day gems and must haves, I thought it might be an appropriate time to focus on one of my favorite reissue focused labels who won’t gouge or pander to resellers. Of course I’m talking about the Orange, California based label Real Gone Music who have seen many features on these here pages over the years. They have been absolutely killing it recently with thoughtful reissues which won’t require 4am wake up times and certainly won’t drain your bank account. If you care to read on, hit the jump (I promise to keep it short).

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Check Out Future Memory From Rocket

There has been a growing trend in indie rock music as of late with a focus on heavy guitar riffs and loud drumming from primarily female fronted bands. Think of the heavy hitters like Slothrust, Bully, Girl Scout, etc. etc. I am HERE for it and will push any and all new tunes from this style/trend. Los Angeles based Rocket just released this new single “Future Memory,” and it certainly hits on these themes while expanding the sound. I love the light touch of the verses as they explode into some super raucous and energy filled choruses. Bang on.

This track is part of a new EP from Rocket entitled Versions of You due out tomorrow! It will be available to stream on download on the Rocket bandcamp page.

Dark Wave From Great Northern

California based outfit Great Northern shared this new track “Bad Light” late last week and today seemed like a good time to share. It shows a depth of dark wave pop for fans of say Beach House or The Kills but with heavier synth and even gothier undertones. The single comes as part of a series of new joints from this year which allude to an upcoming collection or album coming later this fall. Stay tuned.

Fieldrush Drop New Track “Jay Owen”

We’re off and running with another busy week of quality tunes for you here on ATH and today I am pleased to share with you this new jam “Jay Owen” from the San Diego based outfit Fieldrush. While it might be labeled as post-emo to some, I think the band also offers a ton of energy and more traditional rock elements to pair with the somewhat slower moments. Ya also gotta feel the rhythm section on this one as the drums and bass absolutely slam together during the heaviest parts of the song. Check it out.

This song is part of a debut EP which does not yet have a release date so stay tuned.

Get Hip To Uni Boys

As we sometimes get the label as the dudes who post nothing but sad bastard tunes, it’s refreshing when we can get a nice dose of indie rock for a Monday morning. Today my lil nugget of indie rock delight comes by way of this track “I Want it Too” from the Los Angeles based outfit Uni Boys. It blends just enough pop tones with some straight classic, jangly rock guitars to offer one heck of a catchy tune. Let it brighten your Monday mood.

Uni Boys will release this track as part of a new album entitled Buy This Now! which is due out on October 13th via Curation Records.

Check Out 300 Miles From Mirror Tree

Los Angeles based artist Michael Gold writes and creates music under the moniker Mirror Tree and I am here to fully push his new project. Just today, this new single “300 Miles” hit the ground and features this intricate interplay of sounds ranging from psych, to indie pop to traditional Bengali folk. With such a blend of styles, one might expect the song to fall apart, but it does the opposite as it melds everything into a lovely pop number. Seeing the joy on Gold’s face in the video should also draw you into the song and it’s vibes.

Mirror Tree will be releasing this song as part of a debut LP due out on September 8th via Innovative Leisure. Pre-orders are live now.

Powerful New Tune From Nymphlord

As we all navigate the incredibly frustrating and often baffling decisions being made by our so called “political leaders,” it can often help to let out a little anger and put pen to paper. That’s just what California based artist Nymphlord did after hearing about the recent, vomit inducing decision to overturn Roe V. Wade. Of course with such intimate and emotive subject matter, the song is a powerful one full of emotion and small hints of extreme rage near the end. I am here for every single bit of it. This one is out now via Lauren Records.

I Stand With Her.

Mox Share Melanie; Drop Heart LP

If you woke up today looking for a little mellow slide into the musical world, something along the lines of the early Alex G stuff, then might I suggest you try on California’s Mox. A simple bass line with accompanying piano opens the tune before a quick little drum snap and heavy riff really kick the song forward. There’s a constant twist and turn here, with softened vocal bits battling it out against this chopping riff that rings out to break up verse lines. I loved the breakdown, a lyrical promise to support “Melanie,” that came across offering a different sonic feel, which eventually turned into just a slight step into the weird…all things I love. Mox just dropped Heart, courtesy of Cherub Dream Records.

Meet The SXSW Band: Fishbone

We have finally arrived at the end of our SXSW interview previews and we saved maybe the biggest and most well known act for last. Los Angeles based Fishbone has been making music for longer than most of us on the ATH crew have been alive and we were elated when the legends agreed to take part in our silliness. Huge thanks to the band and to their team for allowing this to happen. That’s a wrap. Hit the jump for all the usual information.

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Object of Affection Share Run Back

Los Angeles based outfit Object of Affection is a bit of a supergroup with members from Death Bells, Fury, and La Bonte. One can really hear those influences pulled together to create something wholly their own, unique and refreshing. Buzz has certainly been building for the group recently, and though we may be hitting the hype train a little late, this new tune “Run Back” is simply too much of a banger to not post today. It’s an 80s pop influenced jam with those little hints of post-punk edge likely coming from the old days of Death Bells. Hit it.

Object of Affection will release new album Field of Appearances this Friday via Profound Lore Records. Pre-orders are live now.

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