Terry Drop New Video for Gronks

As we await the release of the new Terry LP, we’ll have to make do with the fresh singles they sprinkle in the interim. Their latest single reminds me of that late 90s/early 00s era of indie rock, particularly in the way the horns are used to buoy the rhythmic bounce at the song’s center; it frankly reminds me a bit of Beulah, bringing in a bit of fuzz and groove to the indie sphere. Of course, Terry have a unique manner of delivering the vocals, so that aids in the way the group crafts their hook for listeners. Call Me Terry will hit on April 14th via Upset the Rhythm.

Terry Are Back with Call Me Terry

A few years have passed since we’ve had a proper Terry full length out there, and now the group return with a fresh collection of tunes to carry with their joyous approach. Upon pressing play, you’re instantly greeted by the group’s knack for penning a pop tune on the scuzzy side of DIY. I love how the initial vocals walk this fine line between warmth and springy, making way for the rest of the group to come in with this sort of pseudo-echo that punctuates the natural melody. And then, because its the only way they know how, the band spin off into this frizzling pop realm that closes off the tune. Call Me Terry is out in April via Upset the Rhythm and Anti Fade.

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