Quiet Listen from Banquet

You’ve gotta love sprawling pop tracks, especially when you find them by accident.  Such is the case when I came across this new tune from Banquet, off the Impasse EP.  For almost two minutes, the song quietly moves along, patiently waiting its own little explosion.  The careful construction of the opening moments soon makes way for the explosion that erupts in a brief bit of pop bliss. If you like what you hear, then you can get your hands on the EP pretty quickly by heading over to Banquet’s site, or you can just give the whole EP a nice listen. I likes.


Download: Banquet – Impasse [MP3]

Dreamy New Jam from Bishop Morocco

You’ve always got to keep a close eye on the Canucks at Arts and Crafts, as they always discover some real gems that they wish to spread across the globe. They’ve just announced the signing of Bishop Morocco, and they’ll be releasing the band’s Old Boys EP on March 13th. It’s interesting that this came out this week, as it follows closely in the line of The Mary Onettes track I posted earlier this week.  It’s got a certain softness to it that strikes at the heart of listeners, and the electronic touches play upon the recent upswing in bedroom recordings.  Based on what I’m hearing here, I’ll be jamming to this EP quite a bit.


Download:Bishop Morocco – Old Boys [MP3]

New Folk Pop from Adam & the Amethysts

When bands come at you with a press release with loads of references and name-dropping, sometimes you get a bit skeptical.  Can they really fit that all into one album?  Regardless of allusions to modern acts, what I do know is that I fucking love this track from Adam & the Amethysts.  It features non-traditional percussive stylings, rising harmonies and a pleasant overall vocal.  Such things generally make me happy on most days.  You can find this little number on the band’s new record, Flickering Flashlight, on March 27th here in the US via Kelp Records.  Enjoy this splendid sample.


Download: Adam & the Amethysts – Prophecy

New (ish) Music from Under Electric Light

I recently got passed this record from Canada’s Under Electric Light, which has recently been playing a lot on my stereo, even though the record is several months old.  Upon my first listen, I enjoyed the coldness of the atmospherics that were present, yet the more I listened the more I started to think of this group as a more accessible Blank Dogs, especially when you listen to the track below.  It builds with synths and gentle crashes of percussion that seem hidden in the background.  If you dig this track, then you need to seek out the band and get a hold of their recent LP, Waiting For the Rain to Fall.


Download: Under Electric Light – A Sudden Move [MP3]

New Music From Woodpigeon

woodpigeonCandian indie rockers Woodpigeon are returning in 2010 with much anticipated release Die Stadt Muzikantan (“that musical city”? My German is not good).  To preview this upcoming album, the band has released this much easier to pronounce single “Empty-Hall Sing-Along”.  I dare you to get that melody/chorus out of your head after you’ve given this one a few spins.  Woodpigeon’s new album will be out January 12th on Boompa Records.

[audio: https://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/woodpigeon-empty-hall_sing-along.mp3]

Download: Woodpigeon – Empty-Hall Sing-Along [MP3]

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