Poppy New Single from The Echo Friendly

Perhaps we get burdened by the endless stream of love songs on the Interwebs, but this new single is really winning me over.  The Echo Friendly just released this new single from their album Same Mistakes, which you can pick up on Cantora Records now, and it’s a gem of a track.  Trading vocal duties between male and female vocalists, bits of atmospheric feedback, and a nice little stomping groove to keep everything moving along .  This is a perfect tune to wrap up your Friday listening experience, so I hope you enjoy it.


Download: The Echo Friendly – Boats [MP3]

New Tunes from Young Buffalo

I have a feeling that people are going to find it hard to pigeon-hole Young Buffalo.  They’re set to release their Young Von Prettylips EP on Cantora Records on July 18th, and they’ve been kind enough to send out a track to give people a listen.  At first, I thought I heard hints of TV on the Radio, but in the middle, the song erupts into a joyous akin to Local Natives, especially with the percussive presence.  However, they seem to have re-imagined that sound, giving something a wee bit different, then softly flowing back into the atmospheric construction that began the song.  If you can’t find a genre to throw at these guys, probably should just stick with the fact that they’re just plain good.


Download: Young Buffalo – Only We Can Keep You From Harm [MP3]

New Music from Emil & Friends

If you’re stuck in a pattern trying to decide whether or not you like your acoustic folk or your bedroom electronica more, then you’ll be lucky to have stumbled upon Emil & Friends.  You’re likely to find the best of both worlds evident in the work here, and so Emil has solved your great dilemma. They just released their Downed Economy EP, and we’ve got an unreleased track to offer you, which still sounds like everything on the EP.  It’s a catchy little number that seems to twist and turn with every electronic touch, reminiscent of bands like Throw Me the Statue.  Try it out, and if you dig it, be sure to grab the EP from Cantora Records.


Download: Emil & Friends – Cheap Imitations [MP3]

New Music From Savoir Adore

I’ve recently been getting into this Brooklyn duo Savoir Adore.  The group’s debut album In The Wooded Forrest features 14 tracks of poppy goodness eerily similar to Mates of State with catchy guitar licks and less organ.  Below you can check out jangly new tune from the group called “Honestly”.  Heading to the Savior Adore website will also find you with 3 more free MP3s for the price of an email.  Pick up the debut LP on September 6th via Cantora Records. (via)

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/08-Honestly.mp3]

Download: Savoir Adore – Honestly [MP3]