Lina Tullgren Shares Bad at Parties

Having been on board for the first track from the new Lina Tullgren record, it seems only fitting that I continue the course with their newest tune. I’m really drawn to the string arrangements in this number; they’re quite striking and create this sort of cocoon of isolation that wraps around Tullgren, at least in my ears. In that, they end up seeming fairly fragile, as if they could crumble in your hands. I don’t want them to crumble, but it creates this bond between musician and listener that’s undeniable and hard to replicate. You’ll find the tune on Free Cell, out August 23rd via Captured Tracks.

Bopping B-Boys Track

Late yesterday, B-Boys dropped another tune from their forthcoming Dudu LP, which is now only a few weeks away from release. But, while their previous singles this go-round have been these short punchy jaunts, this new number stretches beyond the four minute mark. Interestingly, it still holds onto the same propulsive art-punk vibe with sort of indifferent spoken-word delivery; it does differ with touches more of instrumental work where the band are able to flex their muscles, only building tension in their songwriting for the emotional release of the listener. It’s supposed to offer up a bit of respite from the “instant pace” in everything we do, which perhaps is why the band have chosen to sit back and let you explore this track a little more. Dudu drops via Captured Tracks on July 26th.

Lina Tullgren Announces Free Cell

It’s been a few years since Lina Tullgren shared their debut with the world, but today news comes our way that they’re ready to drop a new LP, Free Cell, in our laps. In the story of the album, it seems that Lina was isolated for much of the writing, forced to grapple with songwriting in their own manner; you can sort of feel that solitude in this very single, though it offers up these bits of light as glimmers of hope hanging in your ears. Personally, I’m really drawn to the guitar work on this; they mess with time signatures and traditional manners of song, particularly in the closing minute. Free Cell already sounds so full of promise that I can’t wait, but I’ll have to, as its not out until August 23rd via Captured Tracks.

Molly Burch Shares Only One

I don’t think I can get enough music from Molly Burch, so it’s a good thing that the Austin songwriter has quickly followed up First Flower with a new 7″. Our first listen to the album’s A-side has me salivating for that flip side; I’m always sitting here marveling at her range as I listen to her sing. She operates with, as she describes it, ‘drama,’ but in that, she moves back and forth between smoky lounge crooner and jazz belter. Musically, the mixing on Molly’s record is always superb, with strings and guitar applying the perfect accent to her performance, yet never really over-stepping their role in the song. Finally an artist I can get my parents into! Her new Ballads 7″ is out on August 2nd via Captured Tracks. There’s also a huge tour throughout August, culminating in an Austin show at Barracuda.

B Boys Announce Dudu

I don’t think enough folks appreciate the work that’s being done by B Boys (the band not the breaker — though they can break, I’m sure). Two albums in of incredibly spastic art rock with a sharpness like no other current band, and still we fawn over the imitators. Today they announce Dudu (I’m thinking its a reference to the Brazilian soccer player), and man, they do so in brilliant fashion. Those angular guitar daggers jump right in, keeping that off-kilter drive alive while the vocals are half-spoken half-wailed emphatically through your speaker. I think what I’m digging on upon first few listens is that there’s this heavier riff keeping the song pushing forward; it’s not all angles and what not…plus that rhythm section rules. The group look to be working pretty hard on the road, with dates scattered from July to September (hopefully with Dumb and Omni…if I’m picking my dream line-up); Dudu drops on July 26th via Captured Tracks.

One More From Reptaliens

Look, we’re excited for the new Reptaliens album alright? As if you couldn’t tell from our previous two posts about the album and singles, here’s yet another one with the album’s last single “Give Me Your Love”. Yet again, you will find some intriguing lo-fi, bedroom pop sounds equal to anyone currently in the genre. This is sure to be one of our top albums of the year.

Reptaliens release VALIS on April 26th via Captured Tracks.

Obligatory Chris Cohen Post

Every time we get a new one from Chris Cohen, you know I have to share it! He’s well on his way to the release of his new album,Chris Cohen, which is his third record out on his own and is out this Friday 3/29. “No Time To Say Goodbye,” may be my favorite that has been released so far from the gentleman for this album.What I’m most impressed by with this song is how Chris Cohen tackles a classic pop song structure with choral hook in such a Cohen-fashion. The title of the track is sung as a ‘chorus,’ in perfect falsetto gets lodged into your head. Lucky for us in Austin, Cohen is stopping by the Mohawk to play a set next week! The show is Thursday, April 4 and tickets are hella cheap. Scoop yours so you get the chance to hear these gorgeous new tracks live.



Chilled Out Pop & Video From Reptaliens

We love Reptaliens here on the ATH crew and I know we are all excited for their new album VALIS coming new month. Prior to the upcoming release date, the band has shared yet another single called “Venetian Blinds”. Once again we are treated to some beautiful, chill pop music and an amazing tour video to go along with the song. Now I’m looking even more forward to the release of the new album on April 26th.

Reptaliens Announce Valis

I knew this new Reptaliens LP was right around the corner, so I’m glad the secret is out, as I adored FM-2030. Our first listen from the forthcoming LP offers up a woozy dreampop sound. Synths float in heavily, often seeming as if they’re in and out of tune; they get matched up with these grooving bass lines that will certainly have you bobbing your head. It’s all spliced up by layered synths and sharp guitar parts; it’s short and sweet, easily consumable. Look for their new album Valis to drop via Captured Tracks on April 26th, as well as huge Spring tour that brings them to SXSW.

Delightful Soft Pop From Chris Cohen

We here at ATH are pretty big fans of Chris Cohen, so it’s safe to say we’re stoked for the upcoming release of another LP from him, which is coming out on 3/29. From that record, he’s shared another perfect soft pop track for us with “Sweet William,” which is accompanied by a silly and entertaining video. The song bounces along with a twee synth / distorted keyboard riff, killer bass line and barely-there percussion. Cohen’s mellow vocals come in like a wave of warm sunlight and the track pulses forward shifting at the two minute mark when the electric guitar rips through to a great solo. The video also escalates along with the music, as Cohen’s fever dream / sleepwalking / trip is pushed to its climax, with his spirit guide handing him a notebook with what appears to be lyrics to a song–perhaps this one. Take a peek below and then go pre-order his new self titled album, which will be out in about a month on Captured Tracks.


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