Rui Gabriel Shares Church of Nashville

While it it may have taken multiple versions to get here, Rui Gabriel‘s newest single, “Church of Nashville” feels like the perfect final revision. When the electronic loop gets going at the beginning, it immediately brings you into the confines of the track, letting you settle in your seat before Gabriel even walks onto the stage. When his voice begins to work over that hurried strum, there was something about it that was reminiscent of Lou Reed, sort of that whispering cool that makes you want to tie yourself wherever he goes. Plus, as the track gets underway, there are all these little elements of atmospheric brushstrokes that elevate the tune beyond that whisper, lifting it magically into your ear canals. Compassion will be out on Carpark on June 21st.

Fake Fruit Return with Mucho Mistrust

Back in 2021, Fake Fruit dropped their debut LP, and it was pretty much unanimously adored by the indie kids; they return now with a brand new album titled Mucho Mistrust, and the title track is now available for you. The band definitely toy with the post-punk genre, working with the riffs that are sometimes angular and sometimes bouncing, yet they always crash into one another to create this wall of brilliant noise that shakes your walls. Ham D’Amato’s vocals remind me of an American answer to Courtney Barnett, taking this sort of indifferent delivery and spinning it into something that delivers undeniable cool. If you’re looking for a rad listen to wrap up your summer, better pencil in Mucho Mistrust, out August 23rd via Carpark Records.

Ducks Ltd Share New Single

For a band that’s spent the better part of their career banging out jangling adjacent pop rock, the new Ducks Ltd single should be a bit of a surprise to listeners, though not necessarily a bad thing. For nearly two minutes, the band spend their time in a more casual land, carefully picking on the guitar with little atmospheric flourishes bubbling to the surface occasionally; it’s presented with zero percussive element, but it’s nice to see a little left turn in the midst of an album cycle. Drums do kick in, and the song opens up a bit, but at that point, the vocals become just another layer as the band builds a bit of depth to their tune. Harm’s Way is out February 9th via Carpark Records.

Ducks Ltd Share Train Full of Gasoline

It’s crazy to think of the meteoric rise of Ducks Ltd; I mean just a few years they were “unlimited” in their duck quotient! This new single holds tight to some of their earliest stylings, using a thumping beat and infectious guitar licks to lead you into the core of the song. But, that’s sort of where they’ve grown; opening the track into a bit more of a punchy bit of pop rock, coated in these atmospheric nods to their dreamier beginnings. As they prepare Harm’s Way, its clear that they’ve pushed their indiepop tendencies to the background, hoping we can all latch onto their bopping grooves from here on out. I’m in, and I’ll be looking forward to the LP when it drops on February 9th via Carpark Records.

Ducks Ltd. Announce New LP

Seems like only yesterday when we were writing about Ducks Unlimited, but the last few years they’ve been operating under Ducks Ltd, charming folks with their sharp guitar licks and indiepop tendencies. Today they offer a fresh track, letting us know there’s a brand new LP on the horizon in February. The duo have gathered friends from Ratboys and Dehd, among others, to flesh out their sound, warning us that we should expect a big sound on their second full-length LP. Harm’s Way will be out on February 9th via Carpark Records…and based on the first single, folks are already lining up at the shops to grab a copy.

Yesterday’s Beths Tune + Video

Sorry I didn’t get this Beths tune up yesterday, as I’m sure you’ve already jammed it, so this adds to the musical white noise effect, but I’m thinking this is my favorite of the new Beths tunes. It’s the tune most reminiscent of their debut, which I adored, perfectly executing the quietloudquiet practice of pop rock n’ roll. Liz’s voice keeps the drive of the song alive, but it’s that delicious drop in of the chorus that gets me going each time I press play on this jam. Plus, you get a rad little solo to boot? Their new LP, Expert in a Dying Field is out on September 16th via Carpark.

The Beths Prep Expert in a Dying Field

There aren’t too many people making pop rock as good as Elizabeth Stokes and The Beths; today the band announce their brand new LP, Expert in a Dying Field. This new jam kicks off in true Beths fashion, using sharp drum hits and tightly tense guitar notes to raise Stokes’ voice into the forefront. I love how they pull back the punches just before the minute mark, setting up another verse in perfect fashion. I do hear some noisier elements, or at least some flare in the background, which was promised in the press release; it’s pretty pronounced with the ripping guitar solo and smashing close. Time will tell if they can balance the noise and the pop, but so far so good! Expert in a Dying Field is out on September 16th via Carpark.

SXSW Interview: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat

This year we’re getting a fresh Ed Schrader’s Music Beat LP called Nightclub Daydreaming, and with that, we also get a bunch of performances at SXSW. We caught up with Ed to get a few words about life on the road and jump into his forthcoming shows here at SXSW. Check out this thirsty jam from the new record and read about the group below.

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Ducks Ltd. Share Sheets of Grey Single

If you talked to anyone that picked up Modern Fiction last year they’ll likely tell you there’s not a bad tune on the Ducks Ltd. LP; it’s non-stop jangling goodness. So if you go back to their debut EP, the band are currently operating at a high level, incapable of writing a bad song. Thus, they jump right back in with a brand new single to take on the road for their Spring tour with Nation of Language. Jumping off with a pounding rhythm and those swirly-whirly guitar jangles, they suck you right into the pop storm. My ear keeps getting drawn to this underlying guitar line that’s super bright, reminding me in a way of some Field Mice vibes.

Ducks Ltd. Share Under the Rolling Moon

I’m worried about Ducks Ltd.! They’re about an album and a half into their career as a band, and they’ve already endured a name change, and now, they can’t stop writing great infectious pop songs. What happens when the well dries up? Will it? Their new album has already featured on these pages with various singles, and that’s before we even get to this heavenly little gem. The drum work and the bass bobbing are clearly driving this car as fast as it can go, rushing to the melody. But, the attraction is that the melodic notes of the vocals seem to kind of work at harnessing the energy, almost absorbing it in order to stretch the song out into something slightly dreamy. The band drop Modern Fiction on October 1st, and there’s not a song you’ll want to skip.

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