Show Preview: Lewsberg @ Hotel Vegas (10.5)

If you’re one of the three people in Austin reading this site, might I encourage you to join me tomorrow night over at Hotel Vegas? Dutch outfit Lewsberg, who we’ve been covering for a few years, are headed to our town, fresh on the back of their excellent Out and About LP (12XU). I know there are tons of folks in the greater city limits who love “post-punk,” or the like, so this is certainly a show you’ll want to catch; it’s like if you were taking the modern trends and styles and spinning it through the wheels of Calvin Johnson’s DIY joy-machine, with some mixtures of Broadcast/Stereolab thrown in to be cool. Plus, Hotel Vegas got it right, with the band playing at 11, so you can still get home in a reasonable hour, though I suggest sticking around to catch Cast of Thousands, the new band fronted by Max of Flesh Lights. Tickets are HERE. Heard Mark from THEMM will be there too; he always brings boxes of sliders!

Cast of Thousands Share Mari Single

If you were a big fan of Austin band Flesh Lights (we put out a tape with the band!), then you’re going to want to hear Max’s new project, Cast of Thousands. A new single just popped up with this anthemic power-pop ripper, which totally makes sense when you listen back through some of the riff work in the Flesh Lights; there’s that same sharpness to the guitars, albeit curved a wee bit to let the melody soar a bit out there. The band is in the early stages, but there are already some incredible musicians on the LP like members of Little Mazarn, Mean Jolene and Roky Moon!

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