Austin Spotlight: The Capitalist Kids Release New Album

capitalist kidsThere’s a lot of music in this city, but, like the song below mentions, people tend to get stuck inside certain circles or genres.  I’m guilty of that myself, sure, but I’m working on it. Perhaps that’s why I suggest you head out to Beerland tomorrow night to pick up the new album, At A Loss, from The Capitalist Kids.  It’s a pop punk gem of a record, with quick guitar riffs rushing forward while melodies flourish in each and every song.  It reminds me that listening to music doesn’t always have to be so cerebral; you can turn music up loud and just let yourself escape into the exuberance of life.  If you’re looking for a good time, then I suggest you pass the time with this album; you probably won’t have much fun listening to anything else.

Show Preview: Leatherbag CD Release (7/28)

Date Thursday, July 28th
Location Skinny’s Ballroom
Doors 1000p
Tickets Super Cheap

What !?! You haven’t caught wind of the phenomenal Leatherbag yet? Well dear Austinites, it’s time to pull your head out from beneath those rocks and get on it. The band will be hitting up Skinny’s Ballroom this Thursday night in honor of the release of their latest album, Yellow Television.  This has to be the place to be on Thursday, not to mention the fact that you need to get out and help us support the local bands in town.  And, if you’re a super Leatherbag fan, as you should be, then you need to get out and hit up there earlier gig that day over at End of an Ear. See you guys there!


Download: Leatherbag – Imitation Generation [MP3]

Show Preview: Not in the Face CD Release @ the ND (6/10)

Date Friday, June 10th
Location The ND Venue
Doors 800p
Tickets $7 @ the Door

Many shows have come through our town, but we wanted to spotlight a local show for one of the hottest new acts in town, Not in the Face.  The duo are known for their rollicking live shows, pummeling audience with their straight-up rock n’ roll sound.  Besides, you gotta get your hands on their album, as it’s your job (and ours) to support the local Austin scene!  Plus, you’ll get the benefit of seeing several other Austin area acts prior to the night’s highlight such as Lights Go Out and The Ripe.  Preview a track from NitF below!


Download: Not in the Face – Downtown Girl [MP3]

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