Show Review: Chad Valley @ Sidewinder (10/22)

The SidewinderChad Valley 18In my show preview, I noted that Chad Valley has become a must see for me. The last time through as a solo act, Hugo played Holy Mountain. Part of the sell of The Sidewinder was that it would be able to take Red7 bookings and have a space that was comparable to the dearly departed Holy Mountain. My back to back shows to start my time at The Sidewinder were outside and then inside so I have a decent feel for how the space works for both stages. Add to that a pleasant surprise in Stranger Cat and we have a great Thursday night show to kick off my F1 weekend.

Click through for a few more notes and plenty of pics.

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Show Preview: Chad Valley @ The Sidewinder Tonight!

HugoAmong the festivities you could partake of this evening, my personal selection will be to take in Chad Valley at The Sidewinder. This is one of the shows that was scheduled a while back at Red7 so if you have tix, jsut go around the corner to where you were going to be and join us. If you don’t have tix, you can click here and get yourslef some digital passes or you can stroll up to the door and pay your twelve dollars.

Hugo is touring in support of Entirely New Blue. Chad Valley has become a can’t miss for the ATH IT Department. Stranger Cat opens.

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Have A Nice Weekend

Oslo ParksIt’s still hot. I am still pretty surprised by how big Blues on the Green has gotten. I guess it is one of those things the jaded indie music snobs are supposed to mock, but I won’t. We just need to find a way to parlay that into getting more people going to local shows. Local bands, maybe make sure it is cheap by involving a corporate sponsor. Oh wait, we are doing that! Put this on your calendars people: Sailor Jerry and Austin Town Hall Present – 3 x 3 – 3 Bands for 3 Bucks

I talked about summer jams in a post earlier this week. We have had a few selections earlier this week that could certainly fall into the category of a summer jam. While sampling tracks, I came across this new-to-me hit from Oslo Parks. I am quite jealous of you peeps in the UK as Oslo Parks is opening for ATH fave Chad Valley for November/December dates.

Summer is slipping away. Enjoy.

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New Stuff From Chad Valley

HugoI am a fan. We are fans. Hugo Manuel’s Chad Valley project was a side deal from the band Jonquil. When I caught Chad Valley doing a fill-in set during SxSW several years ago, I forgot who I was there to see. I’ve since seen Hugo a few times as Chad Valley and once with Jonquil. Left happy each time.

So Chad Valley is back with a new song called “True”, the first single from Entirely New Blue, a ballad to dance pop bliss. Cascine is releasing the album and pre-orders are up now for for a midd-to-late September ship. Along with the album news, Chad Valley is headlining a North American tour, including a stop in Austin at Red7 on October 22.

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Show Pics: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr @ Emos’ (2/22)

Dale Earnhardt Jr JrI have a confession to make. I asked to go to this show to shoot Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. I was really more excited to see Chad Valley. That said, I ended up being quite impressed with the Dale Jr. Jr. on the eve of their big Daytona 500 win. How did they get there in time? Jr.

There was a rabid crowd that showed up early to reserve a spot to dance in the more personal small venue version of Emo’s, thankfully now divided by a proper curtain bisecting the room at the soundboard to tighten up the sound a bit versus the camouflage net previously used.

Read on for a few more notes and plenty of pics.

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Freebie From Chad Valley

Anyone that reads the site should know of my love for Chad Valley and all things Hugo Manuel. To celebrate the tour with Keep Shelly In Athens (which isn’t getting anywhere near us BOO), there is a download of the tasty morsel of pop synth goodness over on the Cascine soundcloud.

Younger Hunger is still in heavy rotation on the weekend playlists in the IT Department. Vastly underrated album that features Glasser, Active Child and Twin Shadow

Download: Chad Valley – Real Time [MP3]

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More From Keep Shelly In Athens

The new album At Home from Keep Shelly In Athens is approaching it’s September 17th release date and so the promotional material keeps hitting the intarwebs. This time, it is a gem of dark dance synth that builds, vocalizes, dances and fades called “Flyaway”.

The band is co-headlining a mini-tour in October with Chad Valley. You people on the coasts are lucky. That is going to be one gem of show, the Chad Valley set at Holy Mountain was one of my mostest favoritest things this year.

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Show Preview: Chad Valley @ Holy Mountain (5/7)


Date 5/7/13
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9pm
Tickets $8 @ Frontgate

Sorry for our tardiness on this post, but we felt it warranted despite the late notice.  This evening a great show is going down at new favorite venue Holy Mountain featuring the likes of Chad Valley, Ski Lodge, and local up and comers Orthy.  I see the headliner as being enough to spend on this cheap show so the above average undercard makes it a must do.  That is if you don’t have to work on Wednesday… Maybe even if you do.

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New Chad Valley Featuring Glasser

Chad Valley, pseudonym for Jonquil frontman Hugo Manuel, is back with a new single. Equatorial Ultravox EP is an ATH IT Dept. favorite so I have been anxious to see what the follow up will be. Turns out Younger Hunger will be released October 30th stateside, November 19th in Yurip. Yes, we get it first thanks to Cascine. The first track released to the internets is called “Fall 4 U” and features Glasser sharing vocals. In fact, the album looks to be full of collabs including Twin Shadow and Active Child. (I may have just wet myself a little.)

Check the stream below.

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