Bnny Signs to Fire Talk, Readies New Single

Seeing as we’re in the mood for hot labels and hot tracks, lets look over to Fire Talk Records, the powerhouse label giving us the likes of Dehd, PACKS, Deeper and more…and speaking of more, today they announce the singing of Bnny. The band is the project of Jess Viscius, who sort of stumbled into the group after someone left behind a guitar at her apartment in Chicago. Musically, she’s crafting this brand that’s somewhere in between the Cate Le Bon and Sharon Van Etten, with these sort of smoky pipes and snaking guitar psychedelic guitar lines. Apparently this song’s going to be a big deal, as its featured prominently in the final season of Shrill (out Friday!).

Pool Holograph Share Mirror World

Chicago outfit Pool Holograph are just a few weeks away from the release of their new LP, Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat. I really love the thoughtfulness of this new single, illustrating the band know exactly when to kind of pull back on the reins a little. Every little note seems like its perfectly stitched into this subtle pop quilt that shimmers on the surface, allowing Wyatt to add his breathy vocals and coat the tune in this heavy melodic blanket. Already a huge fan of the band, every step they’re making on this new Lp seems supremely rewarding; it drops officially on October 2nd.

Have Another Slow Pulp Tune

The Chicago, by way of Madison, based band Slow Pulp has slowly been building a following over the last year with several solid tunes hitting the interwebs. Earlier this summer we shared with you new single “Idaho” and now I am beyond pleased to have this fresh new single called “At it Again” hitting the site today. As we’ve all seen from the band on prior singles, this one again features some expert musicianship, especially the drums, paired with the more intimate, quiet voice of singer Emily Massey. It’s sort of like a more banging version of POBPAH or Alvvays. Definitely worth a listen today.

Slow Pulp will release new album Moveys on October 9th via Winspear.

Pool Holograph Share Life by the Power Plant

In 2019 I threw a SXSW show together in 6 days, and dammit if I didn’t pull it off. One band I was really stoked to have grabbed was Pool Holograph; they played an incredible set that we raved about. Since then, they’ve had a few singles, but I’ve really been waiting for a new full-length to drop…and that news is out there now with Love Touched Time and Time Began to Sweat announced for an October release. This new single has the slow burn I love from the band, utilizing these chopping angular guitars knifing through a haze of feedback to create this sort of unhinged anxiety. The vocals, while melodic, almost feel pained, aching to find a home in your ears. Dig it you will; the record drops on October 2nd.

Stream Alpine Subs Sweethaven LP

Having really enjoyed the debut LP from Chicago’s Alpine Subs, we’re back to inform you that they’ve just dropped their Sweethaven LP via Subjangle, and I’m encouraging you to spend some time here. While their debut was this mix between crunchy college rock and jangling guitars, it seems like this round they’re sitting round the campfire with the Grateful Dead, with a pop focus, of course. Listen to “Clear Blue Waters” and tell me it doesn’t sound like its rooted in the Dead’s pre-jam period. To me, it all feels more personable, like there’s this communal aspect drawing us all near, uniting us in the melodic tendencies that are present. I love “Keeping You” and its Nada Surf leanings during the chorus, but have also been gravitating towards the playful swagger of “Live Forever.” Go on and get your listen on below.

Ganser Drop Projector Video

This Friday we’re all destined to be in for a treat when Chicago noise outfit Ganser drops their new album, Just Look at That Sky. Today we get the lyric video for their latest single, punishing our ears as we turn the volume all the way up. Guitars cut through speaker, first right then left, knifing their way through discordant noise, with the drums pounding all the while in the near distance. The video perfectly matches up with the vocals in the song itself, delivered in a lecture format that makes me beg to go back to school; I enrolled in Purposeful Noise Rock 101 with Professor Nadia Garofalo. If you’re into it, the LP drops Friday via Felte Records.

Slow Pulp Announce Debut Album

After year filled with tons of turmoil for the band, not including the current pandemic, the Chicago based outfit known as Slow Pulp will finally be releasing their debut LP this fall. The album, recorded mostly in 2019 while on tour with Alex G, features 10 beautifully crafted numbers about the band’s resourcefulness and resiliency during their unthinkable times as a band. To preview the new album, the band has shared the lead single “Idaho” which features the always striking vocals of Emily Massey in front of a sort of slacker, yet powerful brand of indie rock. I love how the slower moments show this bit of restraint as the tension builds and things really tend to pop off during the heavier, banging moments.

Slow Pulp’s upcoming album Moveys will release on October 9th via Winspear.

Brooding Pop From Ganser

Chicago based quartet Ganser has been slowly releasing some new singles from their upcoming sophomore album entitled Just Look at That Sky. We’ve slept on the previously dropped track, but I’d be failing you if I didn’t get this new one, “Emergency Equipment & Exits” into your ear holes. It is a stunning, epic piece of brooding pop music which screams post-punk at the height of the genre, but also features this extended, dramatic build out for over 2 minutes. This should definitely be on your list as a banger for 2020.

Ganser will release Just Look at That Sky on July 31st via Felte.

Paddlefish Share Small Song

Another one of those delightful tunes that’s been bouncing around my head the last few days finally gets its deserved day in the sun! Paddlefish just recently dropped “Small Song” in anticipation of their new Flyer LP, which based on this tune should be something really special. This is definitely the sort of indie rock that should be all the rage, at least to me; there’s this earnestness in the craft that sort of drives the energy of this track, though it still holds onto this sort of bedroom pop ethos. I love how Owen Misterovich hangs on some of the vocal notes, drawing them out to sink their emotional hooks inside you. Definitely a lot of quality in this number. Flyer is out on June 19th.

Bled Tape Share Can’t Remember

The last few years I’ve really been digging folks writing these little tunes that come in at under a minute; they sort of burrow beneath your soul in an instant, locking themselves in your memory forever, much like this new track from Bled Tape. Musically, it’s a perfect combination of Elvis Depressedly and Elf Power; it’s just on the border of bedroom pop intimacy, though the emotional impact seems likes its destined for far greater things, if you ask me. And, even in its brevity, there’s a slight breakdown, a tiny wrinkle that ultimately leaves an everlasting charm. You’ll find this song on the brand new album Spun Love!

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