New Music from Chief Ghoul

chiefI was really into the spooky folk tunes that Chief Ghoul gave out last year, and in fact covered him quite frequently. Now, as he preps a brand new album, Damned, Lee Miles, has unleashed a single to get you interested. It’s almost a jangly country ballad, using steady strumming support Miles’ voice, which often takes on those darkened tin-can tones. He’s like the poorman’s Tallest Man, and in that, seems like a lot more soul in every note he sings. Keep an eye out for news on the LP; you’ll likely find it here.

Chief Ghoul Does It For Me

ghoulThere’s something in the simplicity of singer-songwriters that often make it’s difficult to really immerse yourself in the music, at least for my ears.  But, occasionally you lock into something that seems really special, and you hold onto it…which is the case with Chief Ghoul.  I mean, listening to this song, the lyrics seemingly get repetitive, but the sound of the guitar and the passion in the voice just drags me in.  Must have played this song nearly a dozen times in the last thirty minutes. His newest album, III, should be hitting very soon, so keep an eye out.

Country Spook from Chief Ghoul

ghoolUntil I get my face kicked in by some great rock n’ roll, I think I’m going to get stuck in this whole folk-inspired stomp on the soul of sad bastard genre.  Chief Ghoul is one such songwriter, creating this deep throated country tune.  I’m sort of obsessed with him right now; he’s got this great gift in storytelling, but there’s also a huge sound coming through your speakers.  That’s impressive seeing as there’s little more than an electric guitar and some distant percussive touches. Look for his album III this Spring in your local shops.