Weekend Show Preview: Beyond Weekend 2

Austin, I love you.Yes, ACL gets all the headlines around these parts, but there’s still plenty of great music to be had, so why not head out on the town and catch a good old fashioned gig.  I mean, it’s Texas/OU weekend, so the streets are likely to be less crowded…and there’s really no other excuse for why you shouldn’t catch a good act.  Look below for our highlights, including a must attend Sunday night show at Vegas; I’ll be there for sure! Read more

ATX Friday Night Spotlight

austin_live_music_retailrAustin’s got a busy weekend ahead of us, and it’s not because of a festival (for once).  There’s album releases, benefit shows and celebrations of all sorts, but with so much to choose from, we’re here to take a look at some of the more vital shows on your Friday night line-up.  It’s likely some of these will go to capacity, so if you’re looking for a ticket, do so now. Here you go folks… Read more

Austin Weekend Spotlight: The Non-X Games Exclusive

austinMan.  The festivals and large events in this town never cease, and while I appreciate that, I’m a bit sick and tired of it all.  Are you in the same boat? Perhaps you want to carefully venture downtown and catch some live music?  You’re lucky, as the local bands are bringing you some great line-ups all over the map this weekend.  Here’s  a quick look at where you can go. Read more

New Music from Christian Bland

Christian Bland and the Revelators is a little known Austin band, but we all know Christian.  He’s the guy shredding guitars and spreading the noise for The Black Angels.  Recently, he uncovered an album’s worth of recorded material, and will be releasing it as   The Lost Album on September 1st.  It’s going to be super limited to 333 copies, and will include a poster designed by Christian himself.  This is a wonderful glimpse into the mind of one of Austin’s leading musicians.


Download: Christian Bland and the Revelators – I See You [MP3]