True Blossom Share Cruel Video

This past year True Blossom released their In Bliss LP, a collection of pop influences from disco to synth to dream pop all collected into a cohesive record. But, in case the band were drifting from your consciousness, they’ve shared a brand new video today for the album’s standout, “Cruel.” This is precisely what I’m talking about when referencing the band’s ability to blend genres and influences; it feels like it could easily be dance-floor ready, but has this sort of coy playfulness in the bounce that keeps it subtle and delicate in its presentation. Sit back and enjoy this video directed by Kate Hinshaw, and if you feel so obliged, you can still grab the band’s cassette from Citrus City.

Central Heat Exchange Share Almost to You

We’ve previously written about the group project Central Heat Exchange, featuring members of Varsity, Living Hour and Daphne Tunes…but I’ll be open here…this one gets a little close to home as the vocals come from our friend Santi of Daphne Tunes. I love the song’s construction, feeling like it’s brimming with textural heaviness, while still seemingly floating in nature due to Santi’s vocals here; he’s got this magical touch that seems to feather every note, providing this endless coziness. The video, whether intentional or not, seems to kind of capture the band’s spirit, though perhaps not capture the band. It’s a bunch of friends, playing and skating and doing their thing, much like the members of Central Heat Exchange accomplished in crafting this LP. The self-titled album is out on September 10th, courtesy of Sunroom/Citrus City/Birthday Cake Media.

Central Heat Exchange Share Directly Down

The pandemic collective that created Central Heat Exchange is certainly offering up some rewarding sounds, with the latest single just dropping, aided by vocals from Stephanie Smith of Varsity this go round. This round has the band focusing on the hypnotic nature of their craft, building these textural layers that allow Smith’s voice to sort of swirl about in your headspace. Personally, there’s these little moments where the careful quiet switches to a more emphatic wash of noise, though you almost don’t even notice you’re caught up in it, which is a wonderful way to get lost in song. The band’s debut LP will be out September 10th courtesy of Sunroom/Citrus City/Beirthday Cake.

Levi Douthit Announces Lucky Pennies

You can always rely upon Citrus City to bring the best tunes out of Richmond, much as he’s doing here with Levi Douthit‘s new album, Lucky Pennies. Today, we get to share the lead single with you, and it’s all sorts of special, for those looking for that solitary bedroom listen. To begin, I actually love the way he delays his vocal intro, just 20 seconds; it creates this tiny wrinkle in the formula which allows you to kind of hear Levi outside of the expectations of typical bedroom pop. As the song leads forward, the strum feels deep, offering this heavy-weighted feel that gets the perfect juxtaposition to the gentleness of Douthit’s vocals. The full record will drop on March 26th!

Citrus City Records Readies Reissues

It’s not too often that we really dwell in the realm of reissues; they always seem a cash grab for labels and what not. But, our friend over at Citrus City has a few forthcoming reissues that beg your attention.

First up is Shindigs Like So/Summa! Goddess! double cassette. It’s this wonderfully dreamy bit of indiepop, which makes perfect sense as Beejay Budan has both the influence of his home in the Philippines and San Diego…so you get a little sharp pop with sunny Cali warmth. This tune below will definitely be playing on all the boomboxes this summer.

The other reissue is for Boyscott, who self-released their Goose Bumps LP back in 2015. But, the great thing about brilliant pop music is that it never gets old; this album feels really relevant musically, so jam the whole thing here below.

AllegrA Announces Yet Not Enough EP

AllegrA should already be on your radar, and if you haven’t listened then perhaps go spend some time on their bandcamp page, browsing everything you’ve been missing. There’s now news of the Yet, Not Enough EP, which will be released by Citrus City on March 12th. My favorite thing is how the track slowly builds; it opens softly, mostly working muted guitar riffs behind the vocals. The chords begin to expand from there, drums and keys join in, adding depth to the track that certainly elevates the band’s brand of basement pop. I’m really stuck on this song today, so if you’re looking for the feels, look no further.

Stream Heater from True Blossom

We started off this year focusing on small labels and their side hustles, and one such label was Citrus City, so I wanted to revisit the label and their most recent release, Heater by True Blossom. It’s a pop album from start to finish, but one that avoids stereotypical genres. There’s the slinky synth pop of “Me and U,” moving right towards the melancholia of “Grave Robbers,” and trucking forward to the disco-flavored “Heater.” It’s a wondrous adventure from start to finish, and a must listen for those willing to flex their pop muscles. It’s available right now fro Citrus City, but only a few physical copies remain, so you better hurry!

Irresistible Pop Music From Young Scum

13528861_1157137574345824_381270789673127550_nSometimes a pop song comes your way out of nowhere and it completely changes your mood for the entire day. Well this new one from Richmond based Young Scum has done exactly that. There is so much to enjoy here with “If you Say That”. What starts as a mostly brit-pop, jangly tune, slowly evolves with some heavier guitars to really rock some faces near the end. Yep that’ll do.

Young Scum will release a new EP entitled Zona on July 24th via Citrus City Records.

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