Telemarket – Ad Nauseam

Rating: ★★★½☆

If you don’t know Telemarket, you should check them out. I didn’t, and thanks to an email from Adam Wayton, lead singer and producer of the 5-piece band out of Athens, GA, I was turned on to their debut album, Ad Nauseam, released in late August for the first time on Science Project Records, an affiliate of Cloud Recordings. Sidenote: If you don’t know what ad nauseam means, go look it up, says your English teacher. Hit the jump for full review and tunes to stream.

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Rishis Share Just Between You and Me

When you press play on your computer or stereo, what are you seeking? For me, I want that instant moment when everything in the world seems to align and the hairs on my arm raise. This is exactly what I got when I turned on the latest track from Elephant 6 affiliated the Rishis; the song has this natural immediacy that I couldn’t quite escape. The guitar lines are solid guitar fuzz, but they’re calm, easing into the picture, which allows the set up the vocals. Something lurked there, something so perfect in tone that I just wanted it to envelop me whole. If this moment sounds like something you’re seeking, then grab August Moon from Cloud Recordings when it drops this next week!


The Rishis Announce Debut Album for Elephant 6 + Share Wake Up

With the Elephant Six documentary floating about in limited theaters, we’re lucky that the historic label is adding another act to the roster…The Rishis. The duo of Sofie Lute and Ranjan Avasthi have fleshed out their band with members of the collective, so in a sense, this if a full Elephant 6 family affair. Musically, it’s not too far off from that either, moving back and forth between explorative folk and fuzzy rockers, with this new single hitting more on the folk side of the realm. The whole of this single works over a light strum and this familiar vocal, as if you’re sitting in a guitar circle with a bunch of close friends. And, as would only make sense on the label, the track is elevated by the atmospheric nuances that float in just beneath the surface. We’re getting a cold freeze down here in Texas, but when the band release August Moon this April via Elephant 6/Cloud Recordings you can already tell that this will be perfect vibes for blossoming trees and cool breezes.

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