SxSW 2013: Day Party Pics

No, I am not done yet. This one and a gallery of the showcases is all that is left. If I can muster it, I’ll do a best of post. Best-ofs are easier well removed from a festival because lasting memories help define what really got you going.

Anyway, this giant gallery of daytime show goodness includes some candids and portraits from around the conference during the unofficial events. Highlights include Wax Idols, Nobunny, The Soft Moon, Criminal Hygiene, Bleeding Rainbows, that band Thurston Moore is in, Delorean and so much more.

Click through. Play a game of “oh yeah, I was there.”

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5 Bands To See @ Fun Fest: Friday

Fun Fun Fun Fest is here everybody!  As excited as we know everyone is, it’s important to have some sort of plan before you head out to the festival each day.  Before you head out, we thought we might give you some recommendations for the day just in case your head is about to explode when trying to decide who you should see.  We shall alleviate your pain with the top 5 bands you should make a point to see each day.  Now this is by no means a conclusive list and all festival goers should check the full lineup to accomodate their discerning taste.  In our mind, these are five bands that you don’t dare miss today!  Follow the jump for Friday recs.

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Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas (6/2)

After taking a night to relax and sweat at Stubb’s, it was back into the Chaos. Primary venue choice was Club DeVille, but I did pop next door to see the goings-ons.

Club DeVille scored a great lineup for the indie kids with Sea Lions, Royal Headaches and The Clean. I saw more Japanese hardcore at The Mohawk courtesy Zyanose, full mosh pit included. Ironically, I took an elbow to the face while shooting Royal Headache.

Here come the pics…

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Show Pics: Chaos in Tejas – Ted Leo (5/31)

Chaos in Tejas is that thing when you get ready for a show by not showering.

It is also that thing where randomly selected indie-punk-pop acts get thrown on stage in between hardcore and punk bands. In this case, The Mohawk featured Nathan’s man-crush, Ted Leo, had a set between Japanese thrash by Reality Crisis and old-school punk from The Mob.

To further confuse my ears, I stopped in for a bit of Big Freedia‘s set at Club DeVille.

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Chaos in Tejas Preview: The Clean

We continue our Chaos in Tejas coverage with one of the bands that I’m most excited to see, New Zealand’s The Clean!

Anytime you listen to some jangling garage pop track, or off-beat power pop, the odds are, that band was influenced by the Clean, who’ve been releasing songs since 1981; their first single is the track we’re featuring below.

They didn’t actually release a full-length album until almost a decade into their career, instead compiling tons of singles to release as compilations on the legendary Flying Nun label in their home country.  But, disbanding and focusing on different groups, often incestuous groups with other NZ acts like the Chills, saw them sort of sputter out, barely making the radar outside of their island home.  Hopefully, that all changed when Merge released their album, Mister Pop, a few years back, bringing the band some new fans.

For me, I say start with the Anthology, as that was my first introduction to the band many years ago; it’s got tons of great singles waiting to be your favorite track.  Within those songs you’ll see the energy and wit that defined the group’s sound, leading them to be one of the most revered, yet underappreciated acts, of all time.  I’ve never seen them though, and I know it won’t be the same as watching them back in the day, but just to hear some of these songs live will further complete my life as a music fan.  They’ll definitely be worth your time.

They play at 11 PM at Club Deville on Saturday, June 2nd.


Download:The Clean – Tally Ho [MP3]

Show Pics: Best of Day Parties @ SxSW 2012

SxSW 2012 will not go away. It refuses to be ignored. It boils rabbits (that is a movie reference before anyone gets mad at SxSW).

I have a mess of pics from the day parties. This is a hot mess. I am still doing forensics on who and where based on when. I have a rough idea of where I was, but add in an occasional adult beverage, the fact that these were taken five days into my SxSW and I have a lousy memory, you can understand if the details evade. Regardless, these are some my favorite shutter clicks from the unofficial that has become official.

From MWTX to The Fader Fort presented by Converse (professional obligation there, you can thank Converse for saving Fader Fort), I got all kinds of bands performing in daylight. Yech, daylight…

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Show Preview: Golden Bear (CD release) @ Club de Ville (10/29)

Date 10/29/11
Location Club de Ville
Doors 7:30pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

We’re helping sponsor our second show of the week on Saturday evening at Club de Ville downtown.  The show features some of our favorite local talent in the form of Golden Bear, Great Nostalgic, Haun’s Mill, and Shivery Shakes.  Our amigos in Golden Bear are also using this 101X Homegrown event to celebrate the release of their awesome new LP Alive. Rumor on the street has it that the first 25 people in the door will receive a free copy of the CD!  We also hear that a costume contest is going down and free pizza will be provided until it runs out.  I bet you didn’t come up with plans for Halloween weekend just like me, so see ya there!


Download: Golden Bear – Prospect Park [MP3]

Show Preview: Gruff Rhys @ Club Deville (5/27)

Date 5/27/11
Location Club Deville
Doors 6:30pm
Tickets $12 @ Frontgate

Legendary songwriter and Super Furry Animals front man Gruff Rhys is making a stop into town at Club Deville tonight.  Joining this veteran in the indie scene is Y Niwi.  You have a lot of options this Friday night, but this show should most definitely be on your short list.


Download: Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters [MP3]

Fun Fest After Shows (11/5 – 11/7)

The weekend is almost here ladies and gentleman and we here at ATH couldn’t be more excited for Fun Fest than we are right now!  Sometimes we’re pretty worn out after a full day of music, but we realize some of you crazy kids party late into the night after the festival days.  Those of you looking for after shows, or those of you not attending Fun Fest and just looking for some solid music to check out, can see below for an after party list.  We’ve got a couple recommendations for each night that should ease your hunger for live music.  Follow the jump for more.

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Show Preview: Lower Dens @ Club Deville (9/10)

Date 9/10/10
Location Club Deville
Doors 10:00PM
Tickets $8 @ the Door

If you’ve been following the Austin music scene for some time, you surely know the name Jana Hunter, but you might not be aware that she’s moved up to Baltimore for a bit to work with a new band, Lower Dens. They are touring in support of their latest album, Twin-Hand Movement, which is full of fuzzy guitars and Hunter’s remarkable voice.  Opening bands Balaclavas and Black Congress will be getting you prepared for the phenomenal tunes of the headliner. I mean, it’s Friday, and I feel like a cheap show, so I’ll be there.


Download: Lower Dens – Tea Lights [MP3]

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