Central Heat Exchange Share Cold Video

Earlier this year Central Heat Exchange released their self-titled album, and it definitely was something I spent a lot of time with over the last few months (though Santi never gave me a copy!). Today, on Bandcamp Friday, you should go grab it for yourself, and in order to entice you, we’ve got this great visual to accompany one of the record’s standout tunes, “Cold.” This is one of the tracks that I loved the most, exhibiting that unique balance between what seems noisy, yet still has the ability to soothe. Part of that has to do it with the way the group texture the vocals, but its also just the perfect mix that captures a band of accomplished songwriters working to bring the best out of one another. Self-titled album available now through Birthday Cake/Sunroom/Citrus City.


Brand New Mind Spiders

MindspidersIt doesn’t seem like Mark Ryan ever quits writing songs, and his work with Mind Spiders is always high on my list. They just tossed out this brand new song from their fourth album, Prosthesis, and it’s showing the continued progression from the band. Ryan’s voice has this haunting delivery on the track, while the guitars race you towards some evil late night crash scene, swerving in and out of your speakers. I love the fact that listening to this band feels so familiar, yet there’s always something refreshing and new from them in the way the songs come to a head. The new effort hits on March 12th via Dirtnap.

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