New Music from Steve Adamyk Band

steveDammit if this isn’t the catchiest track that Steve Adamyk Band have written to date. I was caught with the guitar sounds from the get-go, but when the vocals blasted in I turned the speakers up…backing vocals are added in just the right places to maximize the tonal hook (including Colleen Green making an appearance). In a world where everyone’s excited about the revival of late emo sounds, I’d much rather turn to the classic sounds of great pop punk, which is where these guys look to be headed with their new effort Graceland. Look for the new effort on July 29th via Dirtnap Records.

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Jump on the Cassette Train With Colleen Green

unnamed-41Colleen Green is releasing a new EP tomorrow! This self-titled, 6 track release is going to be run on limited edition gold cassette tapes from the ongoing series fromInfinity Cat Recordings, and you can pick yours up here. If cassette’s aren’t your thing for some reason, you can stream the EP below, and enjoy the way these Ramones-core tunes will compliment the ever-growing-warmer summer temperatures. Personally, I’m digging “Cold Shoulder,” which has got these killer electric guitar riffs that slice through the track, but really, all the tracks are worth a listen. Enjoy the slacker-rock from Colleen Green.


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The ATH Top 50 Albums of 2015

Albums ListYear-end lists are everywhere…and I can see why they’re important to people. But, seeing as we generally walk off the beaten path more often than not, our list of the Top 50 Albums of 2015 is in no particular order, save alphabetically. It seems pointless to rank one piece of art higher than another, especially when the four of us at ATH all have varying tastes. We just put this list together of the albums we loved the most this year. Are we saying they’re better than records by Grimes or Kendrick Lamar? No, we’re just saying that these are the records we loved more than others. So, you can read on for what we thought was hot.

Also…put links to individual stores where you can buy the albums from the bands…as that’s how we all survive in this music world.
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Colleen Green – I Want To Grow Up

colleenRating: ★★★½☆

As a female young adult, I feel as though the music of Colleen Green should really appeal to me, but her last album, Sock It To Me, didn’t sink in too deep, and left me feeling a bit weary as to the nature of her girl garage rock. I Want To Grow Up is another trip down the road of maturation and growing up, as the title would suggest, but this time around Green’s tunes themselves have matured a bit and we’re able to rock along with her navigation of youth and adulthood with the greater coherence of pop hooks.

“I’m sick of being immature, I want to be responsible” is one of the first lines on this album, giving you a snapshot of the general theme this album: wanting to transcend ones current state and be something else, but not quite achieving that goal instantly and the frustrations that arise out of this dilemma. This theme makes for an interesting subject matter for Green to craft some great garage rock gems to delight. Look no further than “Grind My Teeth,” or “TV” to give you fuzzy guitars and pop hooks. “Grind My Teeth,” is one of the more complex tracks you’ll hear from this artist, and it’s definitely one of my personal highlights off the album. This song goes several different directions, first beginning with a rapid pace, leaning more towards the stripped simplicity of punk song, then transitions to a slower grunge mode, when the buzz saw guitar takes center stage and allows for some sweet synth to solo for a bit. Before you know it the track is back to its hyper fast original state,

The lyrics, while they aren’t the deepest, acknowledge their own shallow-ness and play with this idea, especially on songs like “Things That Are Bad For Me (Part I).” Here, Green’s rhymes are simple and easy, sometimes elongating a word or syllable so that the rhyme will work out; there’s no apology or inhibition, Green just goes with it, and her honest naïveté goes a long way.

I Want To Grow Up feels light years away from Green’s last record and the tunes on here reach further than just noisy girl rock. While Green sticks to her guns lyrically, the music now provides an appropriate catchy- grunge pop setting for them to play in. Something has clicked for Colleen Green on this album, and perhaps something in her life has clicked as well, now that she’s realized she can do whatever she wants. Right on.



Colleen Green Loves Her TV

collyI’m not sure how I feel about this sentiment, as I’ve been trying to detach myself from my own TV addiction.  But, you put the sentiment aside, then you’ve got one hell of a catchy tune from Colleen Green; it seems that’s going to be her specialty from here on out. It’s a chilled little alterna-jam, rocking that distorted guitar line and some guitar-monies to match it all up.  Look for her new effort, I Want to Grow Up (rumored to be a direct response to the Descendents I Don’t Wanna Grow Up); it’s being released by Hardly Art on February 24th.


Download: Colleen Green – TV [MP3]

Colleen Green Returns with New Album

clogreenA few years, Colleen Green was a hot commodity; she created quite a buzz rocking things out at SXSW as I remember.  Since then, things have been quiet for her, though I have a feeling that will change, as her new single is already being played left and right.  It’s definitely got that same playfulness that made her so endearing, playing to some distorted guitars that pulse and throb throughout the track.  You know that her new album, I Want to Grow Up, will be filled with infectious singles just like the one below; it comes out on February 24th via Hardly Art.


Download: Colleen Green – Pay Attention [MP3]

Show Preview: Colleen Green @ Hotel Vegas (4/9)


Date 4/9/13
Location Hotel Vegas
Doors Music @ 10pm
Tickets On Sale @ the door

Tonight seems like one of those crazy evenings in Austin with so many shows to choose from.  My personal choice for the evening would definitely have to be girl rocker Colleen Green at Hotel Vegas.  Also on the bill are fellow rockers Cheap Curls & Gremlins UK.  I’m not seeing a price for the show anywhere, but I’m sure it won’t hurt your wallet too bad.  Rock on.


Download: Colleen Green – Heavy Shit [MP3]

Colleen Green – Sock It to Me

ColleenGreen_LP1Rating: ★★½☆☆

It seems like girl pop and grungy lo-fi are some of the hippest genres at this stage of the musical world, so Colleen Green really fits the bill. Sock It To Me combines both the grittiness of lo-fi records as well as the lyricism of typical teenage girly pop all in one neat and concise package of a 10 track, 34 minute record.

At first, it may not seem to be a record that really grabs you. On the first track “Only One,” everything is there to love, but the sound may come across as a bit intangible and far away due to the synthesized backing drums, the high pitched ultimate girl vocals of Green herself, and fairly monotonous gritty guitar. The song comes across as a younger band trying to pass itself off as older. However, after the first track is out of the way, you’ll find it easier to get to know and enjoy Sock It To Me, as “Time In the World” goes along with a more youthful, bouncy vibe that suits Colleen Green better. Most of the other tracks from here on out follow this trend, which works fairly well for Green.

The album moves right along, bouncing from gritty minimalist pop track to gritty minimalist pop track, one after the other. There are certain moments that shine above the simplicity, such as “Heavy Shit,” the shortest song on the whole album. It rages through its 2:14 time, with hyper active drum machine and furious guitar in tow. Though snappily short and sweet, it is a good direction for Green; the minimalist lyrics are matched by the duration and fast pace that screams youth. However, along with this youthful vibe, there really isn’t much to offer on here lyrically, other than stereotypically whiny teenage girl problems. Which evokes some of the same basic boyfriend imagery akin to that of Bethany Cosentino and early Best Coast. That’s not to say the songs aren’t catchy or fun to listen to, but if depth is what you are looking for, you’ve turned to the wrong album.

If you can get past this lack of depth and just focus on the simple and catchy guitar riffs, then you are set to love Sock It To Me, but like other albums of this playful nature, it certainly isn’t for everyone. Some people may never be able to connect to the music here, but others may find something fun to jam to.

More Buzzsaw Girl Pop from Colleen Green

colleenNot too long ago we brought you the first single from Colleen Green, one of the many great acts on our favorite little label, Hardly Art.  Today we have a new track for you to enjoy, which builds our enthusiasm for her upcoming record, Sock It to Me.  It’s short and sweet, with Colleen rocking her guitar while a synthesized drum beat keep base like a hip little metronome.  I love the quality of her voice on this recording. It has a sugar pop coating to it, but there’s this sultry quality to it that’s totally enchanting.  And, if you close your eyes, it’s like a girl-pop Mike Sniper, which can’t be a bad thing in my eyes.


Download: Colleen Green – Heavy Shit [MP3]

Hook-Laden Pop from Colleen Green

What? You want danceable rock n’ roll? Well, then Colleen Green is going to give it to you.  On her first single for Hardly Art she’s offering up gritty guitar tracks backed by pulsating synth beats.  Her voice is hazily haunting in the background, leaving listeners with an endearing pop song that you’ll likely want to include on your next digi-mix. She’ll be dropping Sock It To Me on March 19th via the aforementioned label, who’ve yet to put out a bad record in their tenure.  Fans of La Sera and Best Coast will surely find themselves attracted to this tune, as well as just about everyone else. You can’t argue with a hit.


Download: Colleen Green – Time In the World [MP3]

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