Nice Bit of Pop From Still Parade

stillAs I hit play on this new Still Parade song for the third time today, I’m finding more and more to like with each new listen. We’ve posted about the band in the past and I’ve find some things to like here and there, but I feel as though this is the most complete tune I’ve heard so far. It flawlessly melds things like synths, hushed vocals, and one hell of a beat to create a truly memorable pop sound. Check out “Chamber” below and let us know what you think.

Concrete Visionis coming on June 3rd via Lefse Records.

SXSW Interviews: Still Parade

stillWhen we start looking at all the bands on the SXSW lineup, it’s sometimes hard to decipher everything and find quality acts. Need not worry though, ATH will help you out in that department as much possible as we lead up to the festival. We’re continuing things today with another interview, this time from Berlin based Niklas Kramer and his project known as Still Parade. Click the jump for more from Kramer.

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Interesting Listen from Still Parade

stillThe first few seconds of this new single from Still Parade didn’t grab me; I was afraid that somewhere in there was lurking too much programming. But, the vocal that followed shortly really grabbed me; it holds onto an airy quality in a high pitch that’s come into my listening world rather frequently. Of course, this track doesn’t stay here too long, fading out into a bit of an electronic freak out as the song pushes towards the close. Vocals are coated in this pulsating wash, and the song gently wraps. Expect a full release in 2016, but for now enjoy this little number.